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A community forum for women who travel solo

The idea behind She Roams Solo (SRS) is to help encourage women EVERYWHERE that it is safe to travel alone. You don’t have to put your wants and desires on hold because your friends or partner does not want to travel with you.

On She Roams Solo, you can read stories from other solo female travelers about their raw and honest stories. You can share your stories, promote your blog or photos, you videos and adventures

She Roams Solo (SRS) is new. The blog is launched but I am still working on the community and you can see all the goodness that is to come here. Subscribe to be alerted to when the forum and community is ready.

SRS will be a community for women to discuss every and anything about traveling alone, ease the mind of like-minded women with your stories, the good and bad. Let women know where the media has hyped up the dangerous level but you have been and know its ok.

The Blog

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Are you a blogger? Want to contribute?

We are always looking for women who want to contribute to the community. The blog is your place to tell your stories, show off your writing and adventures, promote your blog, speak about something you believe in, things you think need to be shared. The blog is your voice. Use it to encourage readers to travel and to know it’s okay to travel alone. We want funny, we want sad, we want to be sitting on the seat of our chairs reading your cool adventure. Get in touch writers and story tellers.

“Traveling- it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller”

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The She Roams Solo community is purposely built for you, for women from every part of our globe, those who want to travel, those who do travel, those who like to read and dream about travel, those who are traveling and those who are not traveling.

Reach out and connect with women from all over the world in our SRS Forums, ask questions about specific countries, at specific times, meeting locals from wherever you are traveling to, ask people about their country, get packing tips, love tips, safety tips, you name it and you can ask it.

Meet up with women who like to travel in your country and maybe you wont be traveling alone for very long, arrange trips with women who don’t want to travel alone. Arrange the meet ups yourself our join them.

She Roams Solo is all about promoting you, promote your blog and contribute by sharing your stories in our blog. Promote your business, promote your views, SRS is not Politically correct and doesn’t hold strict rules. Join the community and make this website your space.


Meet up


Arrange events to meet women, in your home country or the country you are traveling to

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