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February 28, 2017
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Welcome to She Roams Solo. Today the site is born. The dream I have had for the last 3 months of creating an online community for women who want to travel but are scared to do it alone. Or for women who go alone often and want to meet like-minded people. For women who want tips, advice, knowledge on scams, a piece of mind… whatever it may be; Maybe, you just want to chat about your latest adventure or share a cool picture, I don’t care what it is… this is your community and my dream.


My name is Rebecca. I took a strong interest in traveling at the age of 18. None of my friends or family wanted to travel. It was when I was about 21 that I decided to make the leap. I had time off for work and the idea of spending that at home was upsetting. My friends and family were not interested in coming with me, I was single so there was no persuading of a boyfriend. I was going to have to do it alone. This is where I started to have a passion to encourage Solo Female Travel.

I’m born in Australia and my first thoughts was to jump over to New Zealand. This trip was a last minute plan. My thoughts were that for a first trip, it would be safe, not too far from home and at least people spoke English. I knew nothing else about New Zealand. I was 21, alone and didn’t even know where to start. Long story short, I caught the travel bug! Before I knew it I was planning to move to London on a working visa. It would take me another year or two before this happened, but I knew one thing… I wanted to do this alone. I didn’t want anyone with me.

This was by far the best decision I could have made. Traveling alone does not scare me. I am a very social person and can make friends with a door knob (I could talk Pablo iPcasos other ear off!) However, the more I trolled the internet I realized that some women were scared to go alone, they had questions and hesitations and sometimes this even stopped them from going the distances that they wanted to go. I can’t think of anything more upsetting.

That is why I started this website. If this website encourages at least one person to go traveling alone then it’s worth it for me.

So here's to Solo Female Travel.... But wait... where is the community?

Ah yes, minor detail. The community is coming. I am in the process of creating forums, memberships, profile pages, chat rooms and more. This will be your hub! For now, the community is the blog posts and stories of women out there in the world wide web. It is the photos of Instagrammers who take better photos than I can.


3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) we will post some stories and encouraging blog posts. We welcome your submissions, as this is your community and we want to promote your writing.

On Instagram, I share photos that are tagged with #SheRoamsSolo.

On facebook and twitter, I tweet your tweets and share your stories that I come across. Feel free to email some over to


There are big plans for this community, you can view them here - I'm an open book! If you subscribe to the updates, I will let you know when the Forum, Community hub etc are all online. In the meantime, drop me a line if you have any questions, send me your blog posts if you want to contribute. Most importantly if you have any travel questions that you would normally put to the forum, email them to me and I will have them answered and in the next newsletter. So cheers to Solo Female Travel!!!


  1. Congratulations on your launch, Rebecca. I’m excited to be part of this community. I would love to hear about London, as that is on my bucket list.

    • Hi Lori, Thanks for being the first commenter and for following along. London is by far one of my favorite cities in the world! I will reach out for some stories on London shortly (or maybe even write my own as it was the first place I personally traveled alone). Either way, more stories to come 🙂

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