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Don’t let the fear of traveling alone stop you!

You want to explore the world, but no one will go with you. You don't chase your dreams and live to regret it.
You travel sometimes alone, sometimes with someone. You want to discover more places, meet more people.
You travel with you partner but want to meet more women to hang out with, ask girly questions.

Whatever your situation, whoever you are, wherever you're from. She Roams Solo is a community that encourages and inspires.
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What is She Roams Solo?

Join She Roams Solo for free. Create your profile, add your photo, bio and details. Use the forum to ask questions whilst on your travels or before. Add like-minded women as friends, meet up with other travellers. Use the chat room to talk to people on the website. The community board will show all the events, status and thoughts of the community. Use the She Roams Solo community to feel safe and excited on your travels


Travel Forum

A well organised travel forum for you to ask all and all of your traveling solo questions. From country specific to mode of transport to meeting others, or simply venting.


Chat room

At any point that you feel bored or alone, jump onto our chat rooms. Chat with people online 24/7


Travel Buddy

Search, interact and connect with other women from all other the world. Find your next travel buddy. Send private or public messages.


Access the community board

Get access to the community board. This is where all the forum questions, status, images, URLs, storys and more come together so you can easily interact with women from all over


Your profile

Add your photos, status, whats on your mind, links, fill out indepth profile questions for others to get to know you and find you.


The blog

Read a large variety of personal, raw and honest stories in-depth interviews from an array of writers and inspirational women. As part of the community, we always welcome your stories.

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