What is She Roams Solo?

She Roams Solo is a community, a forum, an online network aimed at women who travel, want to travel, travel alone sometimes, want to travel alone, travel with people but want to meet other women or ask questions etc... It is a place to connect, meet like-minded women, engage, get support and ask questions. it is a solo female travel community.

About me

My name is Rebecca. Call me Bec. I am a travel lover! Like most of you the travel bug bit me and bit me hard. I am a graphic and web designer by trade, I freelance and travel around world.

When I started traveling in 2011, I started trolling blogs, reading books watching documentaries; One thing stared out at me. The fear of women to travel solo.

My first trip was solo, none of my friends growing up had any inclination to travel. I had no other option, other than to let my curiosity and dreams slip by me. Had that silly thing called fear gotten the better of me, I would have.

Luckily, it didn’t or I wouldn’t be where I am today.

About the community

The blog is filled with stories from community members, all their own personal stories. The She Roams Solo Ladies section is filled with inspiring interviews from community members. All of this is to keep things dynamic and inspiring.

The forum prides itself on good design and organisation. There is a wide variety of categories, without a doubt you will find the category you need for your question.

The chat room is like a 24/7 hostel communal space. Chat to random people around the world, at any time.

The community board is the gathering of all things community. Every image you place on your profile, any question you ask on the forum, any status you place. It will all collaborate on the community board. This is the best place to go to meet new people and find out new information.

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