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Hostel Etiquette
March 4, 2019
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Books to Read Before Travelling to the Phillipines
April 1, 2019
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The Most Infuriating Instagram Account That You Can’t Stop Looking At

airplane etiquette

Doing research this morning for our “Best undiscovered travel Instagram accounts” blog post and I came across this Instagram account. The account of @passengershaming – Now I can’t add it to the undiscovered list as it has 804K followers…. seems pretty discovered to me. I was in the most productive of moods when I ran into this website and 45 minutes later I was still on it with skin curling tense anger…. but I couldn’t look away.

I recently posted about hostel etiquette.. We spoke about what to do and not to do in hostels. Well how about airplane etiquette? What are the big “no no” behaviours on Airplanes? To most of us, this is common sense. Looking through the PassengerShaming account I soon realised that common sense may not belong to all humans!

9 Important Airplane Etiquette Lessons Thanks to Passenger Shaming

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Do Not put your hair over the seat

Ignorance level 7/10

Nobody wants your hair on their food tray, section, floor space, coffee or space in general. How would you handle this? Sure, the person isn’t touching you, nether-the-less they are still in your space and nobody wants to have floating hair particles floating around them. Very ignorant behaviour.

Airplane Dress code

Ignorance level 9/10

The age-old dispute of how to dress for a plane… The days of expensive, upper-class flights lead people to believe that one must dress appropriately for a flight. I’m going to be honest, I’m more of a “sweat pants and comfy shoes” kinda flyer. Specially when my budget flights leave at “ridiculous o’clock”. However… Whilst I am all up for comfort, I do think there should be some standards and this probably doesn’t reach them!

Never enough space in economy

Ignorance level 8/10

I get it, sometimes planes can be a little cramped. Budget airlines make it worst with seat spacing getting smaller and smaller. And perhaps you are a tall person, you can always pre-book your seat in the exit space… but THIS is NEVER OKAY!!!

The problem of the window seat and the toilet

Ignorance level “I really don’t know where to rank this”/10

For some it is annoying when you are on the isle seat and constantly move for other passengers to go to the toilet. I say, that comes part and parcel. Never be afraid to ask the isle person to move… and certainly not afraid enough to do this

Keeping the children entertained

Bad Parenting level 9/10

Yo’ Children, Yo’ problem… give them a book, an Ipad with a movie, A toy for gosh sake! But do not let them do this

Personal Care

Gross level 10/10

Take care on flights means use the seat beat…. NOT take care of your hygiene – this one comes with a warning label – it made me sick just watching it

Airport Entertainment

Annoying level 7/10

Leave it to the pros

Did that just happen

Shock level 15/10

As mentioned… just ask the isle person to move

The “Mile High” Club

Shock level “SO WRONG”/10

Some things…. are just SO WRONG


What’s the worst thing someone has done on your flight? I would love to hear from you in the comments. Or join the female travel community and lets chat.

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