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Is the Sarong the only thing you need to pack?
May 19, 2017
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June 19, 2017
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Amazing Amalfi Adventures


Todays guest post is from a good friend of mine. I met Nat on my first ever solo trip to New Zealand. We bonded from the start and have stayed friends for years despite being in different time zones and countries. A great story about her travels in Italy. 

It was a while ago now, August 2007 when I was roaming solo in the beautiful country of Italy, as a single traveler I was really looking forward to exploring Amalfi Coast. So after a long sea ferry journey from Sardinia I arrived in Rome at some ungodly hour, arrived at my camping site just on outskirts of Rome around 2 am. After a quick check in, found my tent and was out like a light. I am sure I dreamt of sexy Italian accents, gelato, eating pizza and not caring about anything. Anyway back to my trip, I booked a 4 day Topdeck trip from Rome to Amalfi Coast, I had to spend the last of my euros before heading back to cold England and then onto Australia. Topdeck was the best tour company I ever travelled with, lots of other young singles and the odd loved up couple but this tour was the best 4 days of my then 28years. So as we headed off, passing beautiful Tuscany I almost felt like I was in the film ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’, except I wasn’t buying a Roman Tuscan property or spending much time in the beautiful wine region.


First stop was the Amazing Ruins of Pompeii, it sure was an incredible history lesson, to see with my own eyes how the romans used to live in this once thriving city. Pompeii was buried in meters of ash and pumice after the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79A.D. It was such a pleasure to freely observe and wander around the excavated ruins.

So after a picnic lunch while overlooking the allpowering Mt Vesuvius we kept travelling on route to Amalfi, this is when my heart started to pulpitate, not sure if the dodgy bus driver was a little drunk or he drove a bus like this all the time, but the way he weaved in and out of rolling coastal hills had me a little nervous, came very close to skinning a stray cat as it quickly crossed the tiny road. Upon passing the town of Pizza, Naples the pace started to slow (thank god) before shortly arriving in Sorrento. This place was AMAZING (if I was to ever marry this would be my destination for the Honeymoon). So after a stretch of the legs, quick unpack and set up of our tents we wandered down to the local Centre, observing the biggest Peaches and stone fruit I have ever seen, time to take some happy snaps against the beautiful coastline and views of positano in the distance. It was this very moment I thought to myself I don’t want to leave, this place is just freaking beautiful, I have seen some nice coastlines, but I think Sorrento had my heartstrings.

So all thissightseeing was my making me hungry and keen to try some nice southernitalian pasta, of course dinner with some Tuscan wine, ravioli was amazing. I loved the little alley way street in Sorrento and of course the charming Italian guys who you would run into after dinner, inviting you to a party, but I declined. Day 2 saw me travel to Amalfi, stopping to visit the famous Breast Fountain, the tour guide informed us if you drink from the water fountain you will have eternal health. We then wandered through the most amazing church I have ever seen, the magnificent Cathedral of Saint Andrea. Amalfi Coast is famous for its huge lemons..fertile soil allows fruit to grow really well. So it was time for some Limoncello, such a delicious lemon liqueur. It was on sale in bottles of all shapes and sizes in shops all over town   

That afternoon I travelled on boat from Sorrento to Capri, this is where I noticed the change in sea colour from deep mediteranian blue to a sea green, it was still very pretty and mesmerizing.It felt amazing to swim in clear green waters of Capri, but laying on rocks was not the most comfortable of experiences.

After a refreshing swim I explored the steep and mountainous landscape of Capri, a 2 hour hike up to Anacapri (and a slight hangover from night before) made it feel like I wasn’t going to get there. Along the way, I was thankful for the local gardener who threw me some figs from his very impressive garden, god I love kind. Arriving in Anacapri, I had time to admire and take in the view of Capri nestled on beautiful mediterranian waters, with bougainvillea in full bloom.

Last day of tour (sad times) but not before visiting the charming Italian town of Ravello, home to beautiful homes and Cliffside gardens. It really was a town of hidden treasure, so as I wandered around this charming village, taste wine and sharing amazing food, wine and drug store was the highlight ha ha.

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