Things to know before traveling to Mexico
Things to know before traveling to Mexico
December 31, 2018
A large list of travel community websites
A large list of travel community websites
January 7, 2019
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Apps to learn a new language

Apps to learn a new language

Apps to learn a new language

Our Ultimate travel resource list is resource heavy and category separated. One of the categories is language learning. To learn another language is a great skill. It takes time, dedication and patience. When I started researching the best apps to learn a new language, I was overwhelmed by how many there are. If I’m honest, I though Duolingo and Busuu where the only ones. I was so impressed by how many mobile apps are in the market from paid to free. This makes it so much easier to start leaning. So I have compiled the largest list I could find. Because you never know which is the best learning tools for you. If this isn’t enough, check out our learn language resource page and search for your golden resource from apps, blog posts, books, courses and more. If you are looking for something a little more fun, check out our blog post on saying Merry Christmas around the world.

I have sorted these by current app store rating to save you time. So what are you waiting for? Start learning!


This app is highly addictive and focuses on repetition techniques. However, this is not a boring app, it is rated very highly. The app does not make you simply repeat words and phrases mindlessly. No, they do it creatively, in a way that just functions and works for your brain.  You may be asked to translate a word forwards and backwards and write it as you hear it. Memrise uses audio clips and native speakers pronouncing the words.The app touches on reading, writing and listening skills. Malking this a great app to learn a new language.

Using a similar gamification and interface to Duolingo with the game like look, it is a space themed, fun app. It also includes level ups and points etc This is a great app for vocabulary and grammar.


  • Free to download
  • Start with a free trial then unlock all lessons with 50% off a year subscription
  • Option of a free level
  • Option for Pro account of $65 a year withan option of 50% off

Languages: with 25 languages it definitely competes with Duolingo

Apps to learn a new language Memrise


If videos are your thing, this is the app for you. Real world videos from the community makes this app fun to learn. Think “the YouTube of language learning”


  • Free for 15 days
  • Free to download
  • Basic plan $10-$15 monthly
  • Plus plan $20-$30 monthly

Current Rating: 3.4

Check it out here >>

Languages: The app currently offers lessons in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English and Russian


Obviously the most popular language learning app With over 150 million users and 28 different languages. What makes Duolingo so good? I personally believe it is the gamification. The sense of continuous accomplishment the app gives you. Believe it or not the progress bar, badges, prizes and upbeat sounds of success work. The fun part of this app is a great way to keep you practising. It helps to pair it with another app such as FluentU to really improve and test yourself. A really great way to improve or start those language skills.

Even the interface has a cute and fun game-like way about it. Duolingo is great because of the community that helps you learn


  • Free to download
  • Free to use with ads
  • Option for Duolingo Plus $9.99 a month

Current rating: 4.7

Languages: The app has over 28 languages, from the popular ones like English, Spanish and Italian to more foreign languages like swahili, Danish, Swedish, Vietnamese, Ukrainian… I think the question is more “What language can you not learn with Duolingo”

Duolingo Apps to learn a new language


Back in the day when learning a language was flash cards, now Anki brings flash cards in an app. The flash cards are used for vocabulary tests, except with essentially limitless card decks — over 80 million.

This is perfect is you know the basics of grammar and want to pick up on the words and their meaning. It also works if you are a visual person.

Anki has a lot more to it then just open the app and start learning. You can customise the cards and so on. Here is a great link to learn how to use it.

Rosetta Stone

Full immersion! If you have looked into languages then you must have heard of Rosetta Stone. It is perfect for intermediate to advance learning! Perhaps an option to start with something like Memrise for fun and then lead into Rosetta Stone when you feel confident and ready to really learn and fast! If you are looking to learn Spanish, the Rosetta stone app will be conducted only in Spanish. You wont hear any English words, you are given pitctures only.

The interface and sign up process is seamless and easy. There are no options of 5 or 10 minutes a day, just a solid commitment of 30 minutes. It is well structured and professional. If Duolingo and Memorise are the kindergartens of learning languages, then Rosetta stone is the shock you get when you enter high school.


  • Free to download and offers in-app purchases

Current rating: 4.5

Languages this app had 23 languages

Apps to learn a new language-Rosetta-stone-homepage

HelloTalk and Tandem

Apps like HellloTalk and Tandem go back to the basics – talking to native speakers. You can chat with other people fluent in whatever language you wish. The built-in automatic translation service is just gold! They are language exchange social networks with real human contact! Both apps have a large community of people and languages to choose from.

HelloTalk Apps to learn a new language

If you are looking for more learning language resources, check out our extensive list of courses, apps, blog posts and more of the ultimate travel resources page. You can view the language exchange resources here.

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