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Beautiful places to visit in Pakistan

beautiful places to visit in pakistan

Beautiful places to visit in Pakistan – A land of love and hospitality with breathtaking beauty

Azad Kashmir - mountain village in pakistan with clouds of the mountains

Six major areas, six different cultures, traditions, festivals, food, climate, languages and only one thing in common “Beauty and Love”. Yes, this is Pakistan. A land of hospitality, love and beauty. It is Sindh with the heart-melting smile and calling “Adda Saen Bhukkar To Deyo” (Hey dear brother give me a hug) while Punjab always welcomes you and force you to stop and stay longer there with “ Veeray Hajay Nai, Aglay Haftay Chala Jai” (Brother do not go until next week). KPK with “Pakhair Raghlay Zamong Kour Ta” (Welcome to my home) Balochistan the land of tribes and pride is like “Owsh Mathky Lala” (Welcome, my brother).

Mountains, valleys, deserts, lakes and landscapes with people who love to welcome the travellers across the world. And trust me, Pakistani food is just delicious. Make your trip to Pakistan and capture the fascinating beauty. In this article, you can see the real and unveiling beauty of Pakistan.

On one side there are deserts of golden sand of Thal, Thar, Cholistan and Kharan with the fragrance of many ancient stories, while on another corner there are snow-capped mountains of Lulusar and Khunjarab. Valleys like Neelum, Naltar, Skardu of northern areas are really worth visiting while Punjab is full of ancient buildings. The landscape of Baluchistan like Mola Chotook, Chota Chotook, Bolan, Zinda Peer, Gawadar and Kanrach Waterfall are really the gems of this blessed land.

If you have decided to enjoy your vacations in Pakistan, there is a piece of suggestion for you to pack some extra stuff as enjoying a trip to Pakistan is not one or two-week job. Make yourself stress-free as there is almost every well-known cargo company facilitate its customers with the quality services of the sea and air cargo to Pakistan. So on the off chance if you have extra luggage feel free to contact any good cargo company and be happy for what you are about to enjoy.

So now from here we are exploring the beauty of Pakistan.


kot diji fort hdKarachi is the capital of Sindh, the second biggest region by the populace, third greatest region by zone and also known as Mehran. A land with old romantic tales of Sassi Punhu and Sohni Mahiwal. A land which is the door of Islam in Indo-Pak mainland has two colossal seaports and both are situated in Karachi. There are numerous well-known places in Sindh, the following are few of them.

Gorakh Hill

Arranged on a height of 5700 feet, Gorakh Hill is a standout amongst the most wonderful, the coldest and the most astonishing places of interest in Sindh. Due to this height, in winters the temperature dips under zero and in summers it’s more often than not underneath 20 °C.

The amazing perspective from the highest point of the hill station is something everybody needs to encounter.

Gorakh Hill, windy roadMizar-e-Qaid (The Tomb  of Jinnah)

The last resting spot of Qaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah is arranged amidst the city of Karachi. Its huge and sufficiently bright nearness is one of the alluring places of interest in Sindh for everybody. Incessantly, Mizar-e-Qaid is the ideal spot to watch the various types of Pakistanis.


The travel industry in Pakistan is bitten by bit ascending as the security circumstance quiets down. The monetary passage is additionally commenced with a few groups of exchange products achieving Gwadar and Khunjerab Pass. It is likely that business will in the long run blossom in this nation.

Such a nation would pull in remote individuals and nearby financial specialists too. Thusly, individuals would unquestionably go inside Pakistan, and that is the reason we have accumulated a portion of the best vacation spots in the Punjab locale.

badshahi mosqueBadshahi Mosque

Another best fascination Punjab has is the nation’s second-biggest mosque. The mosque was worked by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb in 1673 A.D.

Likewise the eighth biggest on the planet, this mosque has a little historical centre for sightseers who are occupied with some antiquated and religious ancient rarities. Present amidst Lahore city, this is close to other best vacation spots of Punjab too.

badshahi mosque pakistanWazir Khan Mosque

As Islam is the nation’s state religion, and past rulers were Muslim Mughal Emperors, there are various mosques present in the subcontinent that hold chronicled significance. Some are so wonderful to the eyes that modellers and designers are left in amazement. Wazir Khan Mosque is one of the excellences not to be missed.

Wazir Khan MosqueBalochistan

The territory of Balochistan in Pakistan contains the vast majority of supportable locales and named after Baloch. Neighbouring districts are Iranian Balochistan toward the west, Afghanistan and the Federally Administered Tribal Areas toward the north and Punjab and Sindh toward the east.

Toward the south is the Arabian Sea. The main dialects in the region are Balochi, Pashto, Brahui, and Persian. The capital and biggest city of the province is Quetta. Balochistan is situated at the eastern edge of the Iranian level and in the hand to characterize outskirt district between Southwest, Central, and South Asia.

It is geologically the biggest of the four provinces with 347,190 km² of area and makes 42% aggregate out of the land region of Pakistan. The populace level is low because of the bumpy landscape and shortage of water. The southern locale is known as Makran. A district in the focal point of the area is known as Kalat.

mountains with ice caps. A road witha . red truck in Balochistan, PakistanZiarat

Ziarat is a locale and a popular hill station situated in the north region of Balochistan. It is a well-known occasion resort of Balochistan. Khalifat Hills are the most noteworthy crest with a height of 11,400 feet in Ziarat locale. Ziarat has the most astounding ‘Human Development Index’ of all regions of Balochistan.

The name Ziarat signifies ‘Place of worship’. There is a hallowed place of Baba Kharwari 8 km from Ziarat town. His name was Tahir. He turned into a follower of Nana Sahib. Various wonders are ascribed to him. Countless people come here and offer penances. The tribesmen, during the Eid celebration, accumulate around the hallowed place and hold marksmanship and fighting challenges.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan spent his last long stretches of life in ‘Ziarat Residency’ in Ziarat. It is a vital building. The entire building has a wooden structure planned perfectly and has extraordinary compositional significance.

It was initially intended to be a sanatorium and was changed over into the late spring habitation of the Agent of the Governor General. Presently this building is a national landmark. The residency grabs sightseers’ eye because of its extraordinary area.

Ziarat, pakistan. Green building with green pakistan flagKhyber Pakhtun Khuwa

You are not more likely to find much about Khyber Pakhtun Khuwa (KPK) being a relentless host of brilliant spots, yet have you been sufficiently slanted towards them just by perusing?

What we are going to let you know may astonish you, however, it is sure that you should be loaded up with enormous pride and bliss to realize that your own nation is a wonderful alternative to have you on your next excursion.

Disregard what you think about the green valleys of Switzerland, the snow-topped pinnacles of Nepal or the smashing water of Niagara Falls, our own special nation contains top attractions in KPK. Visitors will, in general, discover these territories effortlessly open with traveller aides and neighbourhood occupants controlling them in like manner, all resolved to make your visit a vital one.

You can generally discover a great many to address your most profound feeling of experience in light of the fact that here in KPK, they appear to have all. Following are few vacation destinations in KPK.

Malam Jabba

Have you ever envisioned to fly to Pakistan? Malam Jabba in KPK is the correct decision. The main ski resort you would discover in Pakistan. By just, it doesn’t mean it is a monstrous and conventional final fall back on the experience your most profound allurements of skiing in just an edgy endeavour.

It additionally involves 2 Buddhist stupas, 6 cloisters that you would discover around it. Clear of such landmarks being available at such heights implies that this territory in KPK has been home to humanity for more than 2000 years.

How safe and comfortable Pakistan is for a solo female traveller?

Pakistan is definitely not a typical goal for a performance female explorer. Visas can be hard to get and most governments have emphatically exhorted against movement there. Visas must be gotten from the international safe haven in your nation of birthplace, so on the off chance if you are intending to go there first, contact the Embassy of Pakistan in your nation.

Pakistan is the place, where there is accommodation and you will locate the kindest individuals you will ever meet. The security circumstances in Pakistan are absolutely fine. On the off chance if you like scenes, nature, culture, design and delightful nourishment, Pakistan will be the ideal place for you.

Getting around in Pakistan is simple. Enormous urban communities like Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore have Uber and Careem, however you can generally take a taxi in almost all of Pakistan. The most ideal approach to go between urban areas is by transport or via plane because of the long separations. Shabby flights are accessible, yet on the off chance if you would prefer not to miss the astounding scenes, I will prescribe you to take local transport like a bus.

There are many female travellers, who travel to Pakistan, all by their self alone, not only they enjoyed their trip but also shared their experience as a solo traveller, how safe they were, on the internet.

Lizzy an Australian tourist, Emma a 21 years old half American and half Swedish girl and Alex, a 25 years old American tourist, who visit 40+ countries, spent more than 8 months in Pakistan alone, shared their experiences of a safe and sound trip to Pakistan here.

However, bad people are also a part of this world, so it is suggested to be safe during your trip, not just in Pakistan but across the world as well.

This wonderful article was written by Abbie Ella. If you wish to submit a story, please get in touch

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