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June 5, 2018
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Female Travel Blogs | Community Update #July 2018

Best Female Travel Blogs
It has been quite some time since I have written a community update. In fact, I haven’t done so since the community launched. The community updates are my space to write to you about what is going on with the community. Sure, I could do that in the weekly newsletter, but how many people read emails (which you can subscribe to here). This is for those of you who want to know what is going on and benefit from the community. With that said, the focus of the community at the moment is travel bloggers. I am looking to support and enhance the best female travel blogs out there.

Best Female Travel Blog Directory

My proudest add on to the community is our female travel blog directory. It is filled with the blog and social media listing of our community members. It is completely free to list your blog or nominate other bloggers on the directory. The aim is to provide another resource for members of the community. Whether you are a blogger or just love reading and following, this is the purpose of the directory.

She Roams Solo Ladies

I had written an email newsletter about this last week and sent it out – If you’re not on our mailing list, it pays to be. Don’t worry – I don’t spam! I don’t have time to do that! The She Roams Solo ladies series is a weekly series of blog post where we interview you. You don’t need to be a blogger, in fact, you don’t even need to have travelled extensively. We just want to get to know the members of our community.  To participate fill out this form. List some interesting facts about you, your travel, your life goals – whatever they may be.
I will take the time to get to know you, stalk you a little and create an interview just for you. The idea is to have questions I think the rest of the community may like or things you are an expert on.

eBook – Female Travel Stories

This is something I have kept under the hat. Mostly, because it isn’t finished yet and still has a lot of work to go. I have contacted several amazing bloggers asking them if they would like to tell their stories. This will then be put together and available to purchase as an eBook. The first book is scheduled to be finished this year. I would like to get two things from you – Would you be interested in telling your story for the ebook? and is this something you would like to be alerted to when the eBook is finished? So please do get in touch and tell me your thoughts on this. Why an eBook? Well, I love reading travel stories but don’t always feel the time to read them on my PC or phone. I associate reading to my kindle time. I always wish I could bundle or those cool stories and read them when I’m on the plane or travelling. Sure I could use pocket or read it later but there is just something about the Kindle that makes me want to read. thats the idea behind the eBook. If all goes well, we have enough demand to make it worth our time, then it will be an ongoing series.

Guest posting

As always… I welcome your stories! Female travel bloggers, get in touch, guest post, tell your story, let the community here what has been going on in your life and we will help get your story out there. You can find more information here.

Share your blog posts

Spamming is never cool. But if you have a blog post about a cool place you discovered, about a cool situation or some tips for travelling that you have wrote on your blog. I have no problem with you sharing a link on the community wall and on your own profile. In fact, I encourage it. Share with the community what you have been up to, but don’t forget to also help others. Interact, make friends, answer forums and check back on the website every now and then to see who you can connect with and help.
When you post your link, photos or videos, use the link button so it shows a pretty looking preview.

female-travel-blogsGroup Pinterest Boards

The Pinterest page is reasonably new but I’m are making improvements on it all the time. The idea and fundamentals of the Pinterest boards are that they will be group boards. Places for you to pin articles you see and love or promote your own Pinterest Pins. You can join by filling out this form.

Discover New Instagram Accounts

I recently created a blog post showcasing lesser known but very talented photographers and fun Instagram accounts. This blog post will be continuously updated as more nominations come in. (Yes you know nominate yourself). The only criteria is that I can only except accounts under 10K and they do have to be at least 70% great photos. I’m all for happy snaps but they tend to have a place inside the photographer’s heart rather than the eyes of viewers (trust me, I’m a happy snapper). Feel free to nominate on this form here. Please do also nominate accounts you follow and love. I’m all for discovering new talents. As always, even if you don’t make the cut, we feature and share any Instagram photos with #sheroamssolo and you can follow these photos on @sheroamssolo  So that is whats going on with the community at the moment. A HUGE focus on promoting other writers and getting cool, motivating stories out to through the platform. As always, if you are not a member, you join always join for FREE here.

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