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Best undiscovered travel accounts on Instagram


Welcome to the best undiscovered travel accounts of Instagram. This will be an ever growing list so please don't hesitate to nominate yourself. Also, don't hesitate to follow us on @sheroamssolo You can also use the hashtag #sheroamssolo to be featured on our account.

The idea behind this list of best undiscovered travel accounts of Instagram is to support and promote talented photographers and exciting travellers that haven't reached that 10k mark.


  • Travel must be the theme of your Instagram account
  • You must have under 5k followers
  • Creativity and a unique photographers eye - I am not interested in the standard pretty woman standing in front of the Taj Mahal with her back turned to the camera.

That is all, so please feel free to leave your recommendations in the comments below or email me. You can also add your blog to the blog directory. To do that, join the community for free and fill out this form. We welcome your photos and blog posts on the community wall to help inspire and entertain our community.


This Instagram account from David & Jamie is one that made my jaw drop from Not only are the photographs amazing but with each photo, they provide a small tip/technique on how that delivered such amazing reaults.

Follow her on


I really enjoy the Instagram account of Aga from Her Instagram account is full of wonderful Landscape and nature photography.

Follow her on @worlderingaroundtravel


I really enjoy the Instagram account of Eva from onewaytickettopanama Her photos are bright and fun. Her street photography is discreet and true. I was lucky enough to run into her photos from some questions she asked about Cuba on this blog post

Follow her on @radarinc

A post shared by Radar Inc (@radarinc) on


A post shared by Radar Inc (@radarinc) on


The Instagram account of Marine & Alex from   Certainly makes me happy with their close up detail of architecture and shapes. I see a talent for composition shining through as well as a knack for good street photography, capturing the movement and feelings of the locals. Follow them on @whatmadeyouhappytoday


The Instagram account of Sari and Maya from is a brand new one with potential. I don't know how they do it, but some of the images look like they could come alive! I was officially drawn to their account through the first few images with a calming pink overlay tone and fell in love with their ability to create calm images that make me feel like meditation music is playing in the background of the slow moving sea. You can follow this new account on @chasinglenscapes


If setting forward to discover the best undiscovered travel accounts on Instagram, I had trolled through hundreds of Instagram accounts. I trolled through them fast and harshly. I wanted to be surprised by more photos then I was disappointed. Considering this account only has 512 followers, I'm surprised because I really enjoy the Instagram account of @wingwomanadventures    The account belongs to Sally from a travelling Australian blogger, writer and photographer.


Ana from Jaunting Trips  has a great account mixed with some happy snaps but some images which capture you. Certainly, an Instragram account to check out. There is defiently some talent in there and some fantastic shots. Follow her on @jauntingtrips

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Get in touch if you wish to nominate your favourite travel Instagram accounts under 10k and you think it matches the criteria.

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