Beach Becky

Beach Becky lives for summer! She travels for summer! She is that girl who always has a tan, always keeps her body ready for summer, her wardrobe is full of swimwear, summer dresses and beach hats.

Becky has been drawn to the water for as long as she has known. You will meet her in the Mediterranean, South East Asia and the beaches of South America or taking a trip to Miami.

Luxury Linda

Linda is our newest mascot for all our Luxury travel guests posts, Linda loves 4-5* hotels... (she will not go any less) Backpack??? Linda is a glampacker with super glam stars. Linda eats fine dining, watches the best shows and performances and loves a day of shopping with a relaxing spa at the end.  That is not to say that she can't budget but she knows she is living once and she wants to spend it splurging, relaxing and enjoy whenever she can.

Spiritual Serena

Always at peace with herself. Serena loves to read, she loves traveling solo and loves to discover herself. Serena is a curious creature. She loves to read about religion and loves to meditate and do yoga. She believes in karma and kindness. Serena is a vegan and enjoys being out in nature.

Cupid Candice

Cupid Candice loves the men! Whether she is in full blown romantic mode, flirty and fun mode or just looking for a bit of weekend/holiday romance. She loves to seek out goodlooking, smart and fun men to show her around or simply be her eye candy.

Candice is a sexy lady, her confidence and fun energy is way more then anyones looks ever can matter. She knows how to get what she wants from men but knows how to make them her friends as well.

You can find Cupid Candice being whisked away on a vespa with good look Italians in Rome, being showered with gifts in Dubai, strutting with confidence and a smile and always knowing how to have fun and make men her fun.

Mishap Molly

Mishap Molly seems to suffer from the worst luck ever! If something can go wrong, it will!

Molly is clumsy, forgetful and very absent minded. But it is not her fault! She tries and she puts herself out there... Truth is, sometimes things happen when you're traveling, sometimes you miss your flight, lose your passport etc.

One thing is for sure, Mishap Molly will make you feel better about your travel mishaps.

Weekend Wanika

Casual, cool, collected and fun. Wanita Loves traveling and is smart enough to make the most of her weekends. The second it hits 5pm on a Friday, she is out the door and on her way to a new destinations. She packs light and doesn't waste anytime! Wanita knows how to make the most of life!

Funny Faye

Funny Faye is the girl you want to hang around. She is unavoidable. She loves to travel, never takes life seriously and is all about the laugh and experience. No matter what situation she gets herself in she can always see the funny side of life.

We all have the knack to be just like her, we just need to remember to laugh it off!

Safety Sally

We all get ourselves into situations when traveling, some of us are more careful than others. That is where Safety Sally comes in. She is the kind of girl that researches before a trip, doesn't leave much to fate and is ALWAYS on guard!

You will find Sally with pepper spray in her bag and a list of all emergency numbers off by heart. This doesn't stop her from enjoying herself, it simply puts her mind at ease. Sally can let her hair loose and have fun like the rest of them, she just won't be found walking around at night, drunk and by herself. You want to travel with a sally, she will always have your back!