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March 2, 2017
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Can you find love while travelling?

Can you find love while travelling ?

Once I had realised that the travel bug had me in it’s grips and there was no way for me to get out, I had a worry. Can you find love while travelling ? Is this why all my relationships never worked out? Is this why I am always single or dating? Am I destined to be alone forever? Travel is my love, does that mean there is no room for anybody else? I’m here to tell you that travel does not mean you will be alone forever and that it is very possible to find love on the road or not. In fact, Why listen to me… I have found several very in love and asked them the question “Can you find love while travelling ?”

It was when I read the book Love with a Chance of Drowning (Which I wrote about here along with other great books) that I realised travel does not stop love. It just means when you find that love, it will be twice as special.

If you have a love story to tell, please get in touch. I would love to read it and add it to the list

Can you find love while travelling

Can-you-find-love-while-travelling Can-you-find-love-while-travelling  

Dany from

A few years ago I got a good job offer. One of the requirements was that I had to be abroad for a period. Specifically, I’d have to travel with my boss in Poland and Slovakia as interpreter and translator, because he couldn’t speak English. Back then I was already in a committed relationship with the man who’s now my husband and to be honest, at first I was afraid to tell him that I wanted to accept the job. He never said anything at all before, but all of my friends kept on telling me that this would draw us apart, making me feel guilty as if I was being too selfish.

When I finally mustered the courage to talk about the whole thing, he looked surprised. Why would he be angry with me? He trusted me and my judgement, so if I felt like going, then I should’ve just accepted, he was going to be waiting for me at home. I was baffled… and finally accepted the job. To be absolutely honest with you, it was a pretty tough period: I missed him a lot. Yet if I hadn’t accepted, I know I would’ve regretted it, because it was an experience that taught me a lot.

When I got home, his best friend’s mom welcomed me with “You’re back! God bless you, I couldn’t stand it one more minute, he’s been moping around this whole time!”

Love, the real thing, should never stop us from doing anything. It is a feeling that comes with trust and if we feel so insecure to stop someone from traveling or from doing something on his own, well… then, maybe, something is wrong with our relationship!

Can you find love while travelling

She-Roams-Solo-Icon-Blog-Can-you-find-love-while-travelling Can-you-find-love-while-travelling  Can-you-find-love-while-travelling

Suman from

I found love while travelling. Rather, it was our passion for travel that made us meet, explore new places while getting to know each other. We both give each other the space to explore. I feel, the occasional distance while doing solo trips cements our love for each other. While travelling together he pushes me to test my limits, to come out of my comfort zone. So, it`s a big NO! – love has never stopped me from travelling, on the contrary it has given me strength and motivation to go beyond where my shoes have been.

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Melissa from

Since I travel an awful lot, and love heading off by myself, it has been difficult establishing a relationship. Afterall, what guy wants to build something with a woman that is never around and has made a career out of being a solo female traveller? Whenever I tried to date other travellers, our romantic encounters always had a time limit since one of us was leaving soon. I had been single for seven years and I even wrote articles that went viral about being undateable as a result of being a Digital Nomad!

That was up until last year when I moved to Athens, Greece. Upon my arrival, I received the horrible news that one of my friends had passed away in an accident. I didn’t know anyone in Greece yet and I felt depressed just sitting in my apartment dwelling on what had happened, so I forced myself to walk around the city and sit in coffee shops just to get outside.

I was sitting outside a coffee shop in Athens snivelling and crying when a handsome Greek Policeman came over and asked if I was okay. He invited me for dinner, and I remember thinking that he seemed really arrogant and full of himself, but I may as well go since I had nothing better to do (He finds that funny now). I had completely misjudged him, and we clicked straight away. We were inseparable from the start and I kept extending and extending my time in Athens until we decided to move in together.

I should add that my boyfriend comes from a very traditional, religious Greek family. He has never travelled or really felt inspired to do so, but he is the first guy that has been completely understanding and comfortable with me jetting off by myself for weeks on end and calls me every day wherever I am. We are completely different but somehow it works. I go to family events and try to act somewhat domesticated for him, and he travels to obscure places and eats at ethnic restaurants for me.  I think it’s wholly possible to find love while travelling and like so many things in life, it comes along when you least expect it!

She-Roams-Solo-Icon-Blog-Can-you-find-love-while-travelling Can-you-find-love-while-travelling   

Denise from

The answer is YES. I met my partner while travelling to Bali for a friend’s wedding. We hit it off instantly but I never thought it would work because we were both based in different countries at the time (I was in Malaysia and him in Australia) and communication would die off eventually. However, we kept in contact everyday and eventually he travelled back to take me on a date. We both love travelling so we would plan to meet in various countries to see each other. Eventually I decided to move over to Australia and we have been together ever since!

can you find love while travelling

She-Roams-Solo-Icon-Blog-Can-you-find-love-while-travelling Can-you-find-love-while-travelling

Helene from

A few years ago a friend of mine, whom I met through an online travel community, invited me to her wedding in Slovenia. I was in a very interesting period of my life, single for a while, and semi giving up on love. I wanted to travel and roam and be free to do whatever I wanted. A month or so before the wedding one of the groom’s friends messaged me on Facebook. I semi brushed it off and even told him I’m going to sleep I will message you later – which I did not. The day of the wedding this guy comes walking towards me, introduces himself, then realizes that I am the girl who blew him off on the internet. Of course, teases me a bit, and that was that.
During the reception dinner, we were seated next to each other. As the night went on we spoke a bit more and more. The next day we spent it together, then I was traveling to Croatia with my friends and so he also decided to come along. Things got serious quite quickly. I was absolutely terrified because I was living in England, I couldn’t possibly date someone in another country, but something was different this time. I decided to give it a shot. We did the long nights on Skype eating dinner over videocam together, watching movies on the weekends. We traveled back and forth to see each other anytime we could. This was almost three years ago. We are now happily married and still totally in love with one another. Travel brought me my best friend and new travel partner; my husband. Without being fearless and taking the chance I wouldn’t have found this amazing adventure.

When I was going through my “love drought” and thought being single forever was my only fate as a traveller,  this was one of my favourite articles from Nomadic Matt – Can you find love on the road? It’s a fantastic and true accounting on finding love whilst travelling. You can also read all about the happy ending of my travel love story here

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Once I had realised that the travel bug had me in it's grips and there was no way for me to get out, I had a worry. Can you find love while travelling

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