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November 2, 2019
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November 14, 2019
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Checking out the local nightlife – SOLO!

For some, a great part of travelling solo is experiencing the local nightlife. Be it a couple of beers or a full blown night club. It’s a great way to meet locals (locals party, they don’t take walking tours). A few drinks will always lossen you up to chat to locals and make friends. Travelling for festivals shouldn’t be put off people your friends don’t want to go. It’s also a great way to try locals drinks and foods and hear local music.

If you are alone, you want to party – hostels are your best way to meet others who want to party. However, sometimes, the hostel wants to sleep, you want to party – Are you brave enough to venture the night on your own? It is such a taboo for women to go out at night on their own, let-alone for a night out with toxifiying beverages – could you imagine the trouble she could get in.

Personally, I say forget that! But I personally never let fear or advice stop me from doing things.

Below are some stories from solo travellers who have gone out on their own to have a great time or met strangers and made memories. From Joyce partying in Thailand, Joanne in London and Lane in Dubrovnik. If you would like to share your solo travel night out story, get in touch. We would love to hear it. Or why not join She Roams Solo community – Social networking for women who love travel.

Joyce from shares her First Solo Nightlife Experience In Thailand

I travelled to Phuket, Thailand for the ultimate solo birthday trip and purposely chose to stay in Patong for the first half of my trip as this beach resort town is famously known for its bustling nightlife, variety of activities, markets and plenty of restaurants.

I wouldn’t really consider myself a hardcore party girl, but I do love to dance to good music and sometimes experience nightlife in a new country. Patong has a popular road called Bangla where the best nightlife happens. My plan was to hopefully meet people during the day and join them in their night adventures which worked for the first few days of my holiday here. The night before my first solo nightlife experience, I had met some lovely girls at Illuzion club on Bangla road, exchanged numbers and planned to meet at the same club at an agreed time the next night. I was super excited and relieved as I didn’t have to worry about venturing out alone.

The next night I got to the club and walked a few steps, patiently looking out for the girls I had planned to meet. I went around the club, scoping the area, trying to look confident while doing this and hoping to bump into the girls but this never happened. 

Then it began to sink in like a ton of bricks and felt overwhelmed at the thought of being alone. Can people tell I’m alone? Well, this is going to be awkward, were some of the dubious thoughts I had in my mind.

I did find out at a later time that the girls didn’t have wifi to contact me and must have missed each other in the club as the venue was really massive. I literally gave myself a pep talk reassuring myself that everything will be fine. I thought to myself, If I am able to travel all the way Thailand solo, I should be brave enough to experience one solo nightlife as well right! At that moment, I started dancing by myself for a good few minutes but I wasn’t feeling the music. I was extremely wide awake because of jet lag and didn’t want to go back to my hotel just yet. 

I went to sit down and was on my phone, attempting to look like I was doing something interesting or waiting for someone. A guy started talking to me and after about 10 minutes I wasn’t really feeling the conversation. I got up and went to use the toilet before deciding that it was time for me to head back. However, I got lost trying to find the exit and faintly heard some up-tempo music, intriguing me to investigate. It was a hidden part of the club, known to locals as the after-party area. This hidden club was playing one of my favourite genres of music, Afrobeats which is the type of music that would make you want to shake a leg or two. The atmosphere in this place was buzzing, the music got me excited and I started dancing. Within a few minutes, I met people from Paris, LA, locals from Thailand and didn’t feel alone anymore. I had engaging conversations with random strangers and enjoyed my experience. I even managed to get a free ride on a motorbike back to my hotel safely. I really lived my best life that night!

My advice for experiencing nightlife as a solo traveller makes sure you read reviews of the place you’re planning to party in, scope the area during the day and make sure you feel comfortable to get there (which may put you at ease). Follow your instincts! If something does not feel right remove yourself from that environment. Lastly, don’t be too fussed about being by yourself, people will be drawn to you and may strike up a great conversation with you. Enjoy the moment, feel the fear and do it anyway.

Joyce -

Joanne talks about her Solo nightlife in London

In January 2018, I went out in London, down in the SoHo area, on my own over the weekend whilst I was there for a month long work trip. Although not mainland Europe, I was told to be careful of pick-pocketers and others who might target myself as a foreigner (given my thick New York accent).

I went to a local pub, which I had been recommended where people my age (at the time 23) would be hanging out. I had a lot of fun, and met some localers who basically took me in as one of their own for the night. Turns out, the American accent can be a big hit sometimes. They were so impressed I came out on my own and I had an absolute blast with them. I’ve always been quite independent and I would hate if being alone stopping me from having a good time or enjoying my surroundings.

I find that when you put yourself out of your comfort zone you actually have a much better time than you would imagine, given you have low to no expectations. Also, when you’re alone (and I’ve done this to others) people are much nicer than you would have thought! You can check out Joannes portfolio and her Instagram account here.

solo nightlife London

Lane from shares her adventure travelling solo and Meeting people in Dubrovnik for a crazy but memorable night.

Three Australians and four Americans in a hostel…what could possibly go wrong? 

My friends and I- the Americans of the story- had been backpacking through Spain and Italy for a few weeks now. After a drooling layover in Split, we arrive in Dubrovnik and find our hostel just outside of Old Town. The owner, Neno, meets us just outside the door and proceeds to show us our living quarters in what seems like a deep, dark cave. We walk down a narrow set of stairs into a kitchen area adjacent to two rooms filled with bunkbeds. There are no windows, but we had stayed in much worse. We were all just pleased to have a bed and shower. 

Neno invites us to sit around the dining table to give us the “low-down” on Dubrovnik. He goes over the classic rules that pertain to any hostel- no noise after 10 o’clock, no parties, no people staying over who have not paid, and so on. He memorizes all of our names then draws on the map what he recommends during our stay. 

Staying in the other room was three Australians from Melbourne– two were sisters (Morgan and Ronnie) and another Aussie (Sarah) who had been traveling solo. We introduce ourselves to each other and exchange our plans for Dubrovnik. My friends and I immediately head out to the beach, because the weather is ideal for sunbathing. At the beach on the island of Lokrum, where Game of Thrones is filmed, we meet a couple of guys at the bar who were also from America. We exchange contact information and decide to meet up later that evening.

On our way home from a long day at the beach, we grab a couple of beers from the grocery store and begin getting ready back at the hostel. The Aussies are doing the same, so we invite them to join us. After a few drinks in at just around 7 pm, Neno comes rushing down the stairs and says that we are being extremely loud. He tells us to lower our volume and asks us our nighttime plans. After he leaves, we all look at each other strangely and agree that he has been unnecessarily intrusive to us all. At first, we couldn’t tell if he was just being nice. After a few different instances where he insisted on knowing our plans and some of our personal information, we decide that he is just straight up creepy.

We continue chatting and getting to know each other, until we go out to a bar down the street called Art Café, where we meet up with the guys from the beach earlier. Morgan walks off for a few minutes and returns with a top hat and silly glasses. She said she had found them in the café on a weird manikin. We begin taking silly pictures, until the waitress rushes out to us and sternly asks what we think we are doing. Morgan explains that she retrieved the articles off of the manikin inside and said she intended to return it after a few minutes. The waitress exclaims, “you are not allowed to do that! That is our old boss’s clothes who just died”.

You could hear a pin drop. It was the strangest feeling to think we were playing with a dead man’s clothes. But it felt even more strange to think this pub had kept their old, dead boss’s clothing and displayed it. Also, wouldn’t you think they would put up a sign in his memorial?

We figured it was time to leave at this point. We walk into Old Town and go to a club called Revlin. We are all dancing and having a great time- the vibes were great and the music was awesome. Morgan invites me and my friend to go on stage with the dancers, but we immediately get thrown off by security. Then, we attempt to get into the VIP section, where we are quickly denied. Slowly but surely, each person disappears whether to go home or to another bar.

The rest of the night was a bit blurry for everyone after that point. Fast forward to the next morning, Morgan, Sarah, and Ronnie wake up to Neno screaming at them “WHO DID PEE PEE ON NEIGHBORS’ STEP? WHO DID PEE PEE ON NEIGHBORS’ STEP?” Morgan, Sarah, and Ronnie- very hungover and very confused- replied that they had no idea what he was referring to. At that moment, Sarah also realized, she had missed her shuttle to the airport and missed her flight. She scrambles all of her things together and flies out of the hostel while vaguely mentioning it was, in fact, her who had peed on the neighbor’s steps.

My friends and I as well as Morgan and Ronnie decided it was time to leave this hostel. Neno had had enough of us, and we had had enough of him as well. Dubrovnik had been fun, but I don’t think any of us would be welcomed back there any time soon. And how could we possibly top that experience?

Have you got a crazier, more memorable night? We would love to hear it! 

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