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Dating Abroad: Iceland

Sachea: sa·shay | saˈSHā/: VERB: Walk in an ostentatious yet casual manner, typically with exaggerated movements of the hips and shoulders.

My name, Sachea, is what inspired the blog Sachea Around The World.  I have walked the earth with fearlessness, a bit of sass, a relentless wanderlust that fuels my passion for the never-ending love affair of destinations unknown. 

Here is my story... I went places, collected passport stamps, snapped a few pictures, I was the typical tourist but I didn't really TRAVEL.

Four years later, I’ve gone through 2 passports and have yet to repeat a country. As I continue to embark on my travel journey which has not been easy, I had to find my voice which was barely above a whisper some years ago. Now this voice is loud, strong and confident. Confident enough to honestly tell other’s I’ve traveled wrong and to not make the same mistakes as I had. My loud voice is cheering and championing for novice travelers who need a little boost and motivation to take their first international trip. I can stand strong in a room full of Anthony Bourdain’s and Josh Gates’, eloquently chronicling my expeditions and not feel enamored with inadequateness.

With this newfound freedom, I have a new lease on my life. I’m coining myself the traveling risk taking adventure seeker. 
I was born to Sachea Around The World

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Disclaimer: No babies were hurt in the making of this post! 

Once you get over the cute kid drooling over me, look at the father, JUST LOOK AT HIM!

When you think of Iceland the Blue Lagoon, whales, puffins, the northern lights and mostly frigid temperatures come to mind. But it WARMS my heart to say, the tall blonde blue eyed Icelandic men made me stop in my tracks and do a double take. I TOOK NOTICE. I was a super creep, I snapped pictures of men in the Lagoon, I snapped pictures of the man checking me into my hotel, I snapped pictures of the gate agent at the airport. I was in a snapping frenzy! *and yes I still have pictures*


The hotel clerk


The gate agent

The tough rustic build of a Viking always intrigued me when I watched Game of Thrones, but I never thought of Jon Snow to be "my type". So arriving in Iceland I wasn't expecting much and swiped all wrong on Tinder. I swiped left on countless tall (the men provided their height in centimeters, which caused me to keeping going to my calculator, but the lucky number was 183 and above, you do the math lol) chiseled cheeked, red and blonde bearded utopian mortals. What the hell am I doing? These men are gorgeous and I'm passing them up, but no more. The next swipe was going to be right and right I was. I swept right on plenty and to my surprise I got plenty of matches. I even found an Ugandan (I feel terrible, I don't remember his name) living in Reykjavik, I immediately swiped right, I wanted to get to know him and his story. How'd did an African wind up in Iceland of all places?

We matched, talked and hung out all in the same day. He told me his iceland pilgrimage story. He met an Icelandic woman working in Uganda, they dated briefly, she got pregnant, returned home, he followed, the relationship ended, but he stayed. He's now lived in Iceland for 4 years, still single, but BOTH of his sisters has met, married and have children for Icelandic men and splitting their time between the two countries living a rather comfortable life. And this is not the only similar story, have you heard of the Haitian/Icelandic family run Café Haiti in Reykjavik? I even met a Jamaican living here and truly loves, swears never to return to Kingston. My new friend picked me up everyday after my tours and gave me a his local perspective on the country and culture. We went to public pools (much better than the Blue Lagoon), cute little restaurants, went for a hike in the geysers and he broke down dating and the social life in Iceland.


Dating in Iceland is NON EXISTENT, sex in Iceland is VERY casual. It's sex first, talk later. Seriously, if sex with no strings attached is your jam, then Iceland is where you want to be. 67% of mothers are unwed, this is a staggering number, when there are only 320,000 people in the whole country. Most Icelanders are not religious, so there is no moral stigma attached to unwed pregnancy. Let's also remember Iceland is the most feminist country in the world, so it's engrained in the women, they don't need a man for anything but companionship and that's if they want it. The women I encountered on my nights out tended to be the aggressor. It was very obvious who they had their eye on and competition was not a factor, at times it was flat out blatant and shameless.


So let's think about what I just wrote... This mean lots of sex, no condoms and of course this comes at a cost or what they call the "Reykjavik Handshake". This is not the handshake you want and don't accept it. For the 10th year in a row, Iceland has the highest documented cases of Chlamydia in Europe. It's disturbing, they have even coined this term as a joke in Iceland. You would think with this STD epidemic condoms would be dispensed at every corner like ATMs.


Sex was a no for me in Iceland, not that I was scared of the handshake. I was just not that into my Ugandan friend, but if I ever run into that mythical God from the Blue Lagoon, I'd definitely consider a body condom!


We are all responsible adults, but I'm still going to tell you anyway to WRAP IT UP, especially there!

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