How do I contribute my story?

If you want to participate in sharing your story as a solo traveler or perhaps participate in an interview, please get in contact here.  You can find all the information needed. We will do our best to publise you, your story, writing or blog as we can! It will be shared multiple times on our social media.

How much does it cost to join

Nothing! The website is free to join. Please help keep it free by sharing the site with others.

How do I contribute my photography?

There are two ways. If you want to share your instagram photos please use the hashtag #SRS or #SheRoamsSolo If you are a professional photographer and would like to have your photos shown to many others, please get in touch here.

Will I be paid for my story

Not just yet, but as the community grows we will be looking to hire writers. If you have a variety of stories on She Roams Solo and they all have high traffic and interaction you will be able to apply for paid writing.

We want to support as many remote jobs as possible in the future of She Roams Solo

What is next for this community?

I am very open and honest about my goals for this website. You can see all the plans here

Be excited! I certainly am! 😀

I have a travel product I would love shown in your shopping area

Fantastic! We would love to help promote. We have different levels of exposure. Free levels being in our shopping area. Paid areas being in bother shopping, social media and in our newsletter. Get in touch here and we can discuss your product. How exciting!

Does your website offer money back if unsatisfied?

um... no. I'm afraid not. This isn't a trial website. The best way to make this website happen is to interact and meet people. Ask your questions, or even answer those of others.

If it is a technical issue or you want something changed. Shoot me an email. I strive for this site to achieve happiness.

Plus... it's $30... It's a meal out... I'm not charging $50+

Can I add my blog links on my profile page

Sure! Go for it! Thought his community is not about promoting your profile. The best way to have people read your blog post, is to interact. Comment on their forums and help them out. Befriend and chat to them. If you are not participating and are simply uploading your links, thats fine, but you may not end up with many friends.

How do I make my profile private

By default, your profile is not private. I am sorry, as I know privacy is important. I'm working on this. In the meantime, on your profile, if you click on privacy settings you have the ability to make your entire profile private and on profile visibility you can pick and choose what people see.

My image on my profile/status has not upload

Please refresh the page, ensure you have received a "upload successful message"

A member of the forum is being a real BITCH! (highly mean or inappropriate)

We will not stand for that at SheRoamsSolo. We are all adults and if you can't sort it out please report the member here. We will begin a case study.