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More amazing Female Travel Blogs


Kesi To and Fro is a female travel blog focused on local, off the beaten path, and long-term travel. Kesi has been traveling over the world for 3.5 years, visiting 50+ countries, with a passion for traveling in Africa.

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The Boutique Adventurer is about having interesting travel adventures and finishing your evening in a lovely boutique hotel with a high thread count on your sheets! It is for over 35 solo luxury travellers. Perfect read for exciting, luxury travel blogs

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After her marriage ended 5 years ago.  Maj finally found the courage to travel solo. She writes about her personal experiences, about how life experiences, people and decisions will take us all along our own path to self-discovery. "The vulnerable, emotionally fragile lady I was 5 years ago has evolved into a strong, independent woman who now jumps on a plane on her own at the first opportunity!"

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Female Travel Blogs


So far, I’ve been focusing on weekend getaway type destinations across the USA, and I’m going to try to slant towards the lesser known and the outdoorsy. Right now I’m working on a post about the surprising variety of ethnic cuisine available in Sioux Falls, SD!

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focuses on getaways and short trips & tips! I’ve traveled to quite a few places already, a lot of it being Europe, and write about how to spend your time there, or travel tips + also blogging tips!

I’ve lived in 4 countries, soon to be 5!

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Hi everyone! I run The Rainbow Route which is a blog that covers lesbian, gluten-free, and budget travel, but is really for anyone who loves travel. Sometimes I travel with my wife, and sometimes I travel solo.

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The basic point of life is to form relationships through shared experiences. What connects and bonds people is being authentic and vulnerable. Travel exposes you and strips away all pretenses. There is nothing more real than being a stranger in a new place. Minds expand past well-worn patterns. I want to connect with you through these experiences.

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Toques & Boots is an adventure travel blog. Its main purpose is to inspire people to see and experience the world, from its landscapes to its people and culture to the food. It's all about finding adventure everywhere you go whether it's in your own backyard (luckily our is the Rocky Mountains) or across the globe. We share travel tips, destination guides, photography and everything in between.

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Female Travel Blogs


I’m a university student studying political science at a school in the southeastern US. I started my blog during my semester abroad in Paris, France, and I’ve been writing about my international travels ever since! I travel with my family and friends, so my travel tips cover everything from nights out with friends in Budapest to family trips to Disney. When I visit a new city, I love trying local foods and doing interesting activities that aren’t in the guidebooks.
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Slow travel Turkey guide with local knowledge and off the beaten path destinations. Unique all-in-1 map search for inspiration on places to go & places to stay.

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Tales of an American immigrant in Italy and help for HOW to move to Italy. Lets get you started on following your dream!

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A blog about adventure travel and teaching English abroad with enough inspiration and love for everyone who stops by

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I help travelers stay current with news, tech tools, and activities on trips. Taking trips is a part of my life. I have an enormous appetite for exploring – I always have.  I arrange and go with my travelers on boutique groups trips throughout USA and Europe.  You can bet there will be good food, history stories and even lighthouse visits if we are near a coast – I love to connect to local people stories. Social media icons on my blog. And for the do it yourself peeps – I contribute to favorite charities when you reserve hotels –  click on Travel Biz at the top of my blog. Let’s help each other – and follow everyone.

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I run thatanxioustraveller.com which I started after avoiding the terror attack in London last year by a couple of hours – although I have an absolute, life-long love of travel, suffering from anxiety had meant that I’d been putting off travelling out of fear that something could happen to me. Coming close to such a shocking event made me realise that travel and enjoyment of life is something that should never be delayed, and never taken for granted. I’m taking steps back into travel in honour of those who aren’t able to, and trying to push my boundaries further with each trip. So feel free to pop along, have a look at my wins and fails, and have a chat – everyone welcome!
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Adventure Travel Blog by an Irish couple traveling the world, getting off the beaten track and living a life of travel. Join us on our journey!


I'm just a girl, solo traveling the world, with a serious case of Wanderlust. Lost in Wanderlust documents all of the places I have been lucky enough to visit and all of the places I still long to go. If you share my passion for travel then please take a peek!
You can reach out to her here: She Roams Solo Profile


Skip to Malou is a Sustainable travel and Caribbean lifestyle blog, based in Barbados. I blog about responsible travel, Caribbean culture, mindful living, and everything in between. You can reach out to her here: She Roams Solo Profile

Female Travel Blogs


The Pink Backpack is a solo female travel blog for the adventurous woman. You can view her She Roams Solo Profile


Be Beyond Borders is a place where world citizens share their true stories, somewhere they can both inspire and be inspired. Be Beyond Borders is a community that embraces and includes anyone and everyone who believes in the following two statements: All humans are equal and One world = One people. Be Beyond Borders is a state of mind founded on tolerance, acceptance, and peace.
It was founded by world-travelled storyteller Solène Anglaret who is the author of Where to Next? (a travel memoir) and Where Are You From? (a children's story). You can view her She Roams Solo Profile


Kaleidoventures started in September 2017 and is dedicated to sharing mostly my latest travel adventures, showcased through places and people. The focus is given to trips off the beaten paths to authentic places and with a view behind the scenes. Initially planned to allow family and friends to follow along, it has become a platform to bring history to life, share unique treasures from destinations visited and inspired others to see more of the world. Guest blogs and creative ideas of community members are welcome. Every trip tells a story worth to be shared! You can view her She Roams Solo Profile


Gracia Goes is a travel and lifestyle blog featuring advice on budget travel, lifestyle, health and wellness, and much more. Highlighting the adventures and mishaps of Gracia Harrison, Gracia Goes is your destination for of the best travel advice!. You can view her She Roams Solo Profile


Travel Charm's aim is to inspire our readers to get out and travel by providing information on destinations, travel stories, solo travel and travel planning.

You can view her She Roams Solo Profile


A solo female travel blog, inspiring women to travel alone. On the blog you will find safety advice, solo travel tips, itineraries, stories and destination articles. I have solo travelled to numerous countries and love every second of it. Every girl should have the chance to travel independently and concur the world!

You can view Sam's She Roams Solo Profile here


Travel tips & tricks, guides, inspirations, and recommendations of places to see and things to do. Safety tips and advice for solo female travelers and Couchsurfers.

You can view Kasia's She Roams Solo Profile here

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