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    So I’ve heard that Barcelona’s a hot Euro destination, therefore, quite expensive. I’m not a Millenial so hostels are not an option for me; besides, I need a clean bathroom and have an aversion to stinky body smells! I’ve booked a ‘home’ spot in Madrid for the whole 10 days but am planning to do Barcelona for 2-3 days, Valencia for 1-2, Malaga for 1-2 and over to Morocco for a day. What options can anyone provide for me?

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    I still found Barcelona to be pretty cheap. Do you require a private bathroom? If you are budget minded check out this place – for Barcelona. I stayed there last summer when I was sick and didn’t want to be in a hostel. It was small but has a private bathroom and I paid about 50 for a night. It’s the cheapest I could find that wasn’t a hostel

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