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    She Roams Solo

    This is your personal space. List your URL, social media links and tell us a brief line or two about your blog. If you wish to show your blog off to the community, please get in touch about contributing a guest post

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    Hi! My blog is The Boutique Adventurer. It is about having interesting travel adventures and finishing your evening in a lovely boutique hotel with a high thread count on your sheets! It is for over 35 solo luxury travellers. I found so many blogs for under 30s looking for money saving tips and quite a few at the very high end – nothing seemed to deliver interesting travel experiences and local boutique hotel experiences.

    Please come follow me!

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    My website is:

    My mission is to help people have a great trip to Italy!
    And if you wish to move to Italy, my aim is to provide encouragement and information so that you can achieve your dream!

    On my site I provide:

    – Assistance, commiseration, encouragement, and nitty gritty info, for anyone who is not EU and doesn’t have Italian relatives but wants to move to Italy.

    – Articles on food, wine, history, and art, particularly in Tuscany. (I’m a Florentine Renaissance historian and passionate foodie)

    – News about the Via Francigena (Italy’s pilgrimage route) and tips for undertaking a pilgrimage on it.

    – Trip planning services: I have created over a hundred trips in Italy for happy clients. You can get a taste of my services for free simply by requesting my 40 minute free consult.

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    I have just set up a blog, telling the story of my journey since my marriage ended 5 years ago.  It took me a while to have the courage to travel solo, but you will read how life experiences, the people we meet and the decisions we make, take us all along our own path to self-discovery.  This was certainly the case for me …. and the vulnerable, emotionally fragile lady I was 5 years ago has evolved into a strong, independent woman who now jumps on a plane on her own at the first opportunity!

    Follow my journey here:


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    Hi! I am the FunTourGuru <b>I help travelers stay current with news, tech tools, and activities on trips. </b>Taking trips is a part of my life. I have an enormous appetite for exploring – I always have.  I arrange and go with my travelers on boutique groups trips throughout USA and Europe.  You can bet there will be good food, history stories and even lighthouse visits if we are near a coast – I love to connect to local people stories. Social media icons on my blog. And for the do it yourself peeps – I contribute to favorite charities when you reserve hotels –  click on Travel Biz at the top of my blog. Let’s help each other – and follow everyone.


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    Hey all!

    I have recently launched my blog, Rissa Leigh Roams.

    So far, I’ve been focusing on weekend getaway type destinations across the USA, and I’m going to try to slant towards the lesser known and the outdoorsy. Right now I’m working on a post about the surprising variety of ethnic cuisine available in Sioux Falls, SD!

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    Hi everyone 🙂

    My blog is and focuses on getaways and short trips & tips! I’ve traveled to quite a few places already, a lot of it being Europe, and write about how to spend your time there, or travel tips + also blogging tips!

    I’ve lived in 4 countries, soon to be 5!

    Here are my social media links:

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    Hi everyone! I run The Rainbow Route which is a blog that covers lesbian, gluten-free, and budget travel, but is really for anyone who loves travel. Sometimes I travel with my wife, and sometimes I travel solo.

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    Hi all, thanks for having me here!

    I run which I started after avoiding the terror attack in London last year by a couple of hours – although I have an absolute, life-long love of travel, suffering from anxiety had meant that I’d been putting off travelling out of fear that something could happen to me. Coming close to such a shocking event made me realise that travel and enjoyment of life is something that should never be delayed, and never taken for granted. I’m taking steps back into travel in honour of those who aren’t able to, and trying to push my boundaries further with each trip. So feel free to pop along, have a look at my wins and fails, and have a chat – everyone welcome! 🙂

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