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      Hello everyone!
      I hope this is the right place to ask, but I am wondering, how you keep up with blogging during COVID-19?
      I had some writers block during the last weeks, especially since my plans crushed totally and I came back to Berlin. It was very hard to keep writing, but I figured when I stop it would be harder to start again. Now I have some new ideas and want to invest more time into building up the blog and building my brand in general. Right now I focus on my old travels and what I learnt while doing them and I hope to share stories and tips of others. When things get better and I actually can plan travels again, I want to talk about this. Also I established a new category with recipes of my travels and actually they got more attention then other posts. Which is nice but a recipe blog is not really what I want to do.

      But I am curious about your experiences with the situation. What are your strategies right now? Do you also had problems to write at all? Did you find a way to overcome it or did you decided to take a break? Change the topic for a while?

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