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      Hi guys, I’m Joanna from London, living and working here currently. I work in education which means that I get lots of holiday per year and I love to use this time to travel (Funds permitting). I have traveled lots in Europe…Scotland, Ireland, Wales, France, Germany, Spain (many times), Portugal, Greece (twice),Turkey (many times), Egypt and further afield too. I’ve visited Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico (twice), and both the West coast of Canada and the USA. I am by no means finished though 🙂 A friend is moving to the middle east soon so I am hoping to go and visit them in Abu Dhabi later this year and am looking at possibly Thailand and Cambodia (which looks like it will be a solo trip). I work hard and save as much as I can so that I can travel as much as possible. Ideally I would like to travel EVERYWHERE. Most of my trips have involved the usual package holidays but for the US and Canada I actually traveled with Uni so there was some research involved too. I have never traveled solo and am thinking about doing so this summer, however as you can imagine I am a little apprehensive, nervous and unsure about going it alone. I am looking to meet and connect with people that are in the same boat (so to speak) and to possibly find some travel buddies 🙂

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      Hi Joanna! Pleased to meet you! I’m from New York.

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