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      Hello Everyone!

      I am looking into living abroad. Currently, my country is going through an economic crisis and young people are looking for opportunities, I am in Argentina BTW. I am looking into moving to Scotland, haven’t decided yet what city/town, but I am an investigation. I was wondering if you ladies have any information that might be reliable for my case. Information such as cost of living, job search, housing, etc- I have dual citizenship Italian/Argentinian!

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      Cost of living – well, I would say its not quite as bad as living in say London but its not as good as living in Italy/Argentina. I also think it depends on if you live in the city or the smaller villages. Try https://www.s1jobs.com/ and https://www.scotjobsnet.co.uk/ for job searching. Sadly, I have no contacts to help. Don’t listen to people if they say its hard to get work. If you’re willing to do anything you can find work. Though again, its easier in bigger cities. If you’re flexible with where you live and what work you do, you will find it easier.

      Take a good rain coat and enjoy living in Scotland. I love Scotland

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        Thank you Belinda. I have been searching and all of the information you provided is super useful.

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