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      Hello! So my name is Via and I’m from the Philippines. I’ve always had this critical dilemma in which I don’t know how to save money. I’ve started working last year and up until now I still don’t have any idea how to do the right budgeting that I need in order for me to have enough money that I can use for traveling. That is the main reason why I cannot go to the places I’ve always wanted to visit. I’m planning to find a better job with a much better salary but it’s not that easy. Any advice that could help me with this?

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      Hi Via, I love the Philippines! Where in the Philippines are you from? I once met somebody that gave me the saving tip of whenever you finish a bottle of wine, use it to place your notes/coins etc inside. That way, you can’t touch them until you’re ready to break the bottle.

      Also, my secret is buying less clothes. I guess it depends on your lifestyle. What do you spend the most on?

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      Hi 🙂

      I save a lot by cutting out spending. I don’t eat out and make my own meals. I don’t really shop for clothes and only by them on sale. I also cut back on salon visits (hair, nails, etc.) I don’t have a cable. I live basically on the necessities. Try saving like like 100 dollars (well of your currency a month). Travel to neighboring countries and stay in hostels and use public transportation when you do travel. Also sign up for emails from fare alert websites, I have gotten some really good deals from them 🙂

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