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      Bella Feuerbach

      I am thinking about solo traveling to Milan, Italy for 3-4 days next June. I will be 18, almost 19 years old. I have read a lot online that it’s safe to travel alone as a woman in Milan, and that there are only a few spots to maybe avoid at night. I just wanted to know if anyone has done this, is planning on doing this, or would be in Milan the same time as me! Thanks so much.

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      Hi Bella!
      I’ve been solo in Milan few years ago, but I used Couchsurfing to hang out with locals (you can give it a try, there is a very engaged community and lots of events for travelers). Indeed, there are some places which aren’t recommended to visit alone at night – I remember one square where they were offering us drugs as soon as we crossed the street – but in general the city is safe.
      If you feel overwhelmed, you can always run away to the nearby Bergamo – I did 1 night in Milan and 2 nights in Bergamo and personally liked the latter much more ^^”

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      She Roams Solo
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      Oh Just on Kasia’s point Bergamo is soooo beautiful! I didn’t spend anytime in Milan cause I hoped the bus straight to Bergamo. I wish I spent more time there too. There is a really really cool resturant I ate at, so if you end up in Bergamo shoot me a message and I’ll find the name of it for you. Outdoor dining, firelights, amazing wine and food so good I ordered seconds! (Sorry I can’t help with Milan more)

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