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      I live in Arkansas, USA. I want to travel to India in December. I have a friend who lives in Calcutta and I want to go there first then I want to go to a few places, like Mumbai, Delhi and ofcourse Explore Calcutta. Im wondering if I should sign up for a group tour or go with my friend. Anyone done any group tours in India? Anyone wanna join me? I speak Hindi and Bengali so can speak with locals in some areas.

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      I guess it depends on what you want out of it. It would be cool to go with your friend and see a more local side of life. Sometimes you can get a lot out of tours in the way of knowledge as well. How long will you be going?

      I don’t know many tours but keep in mind how big India is and those places mentioned are so far from each other so you might be taking flights etc

      You can always find a local driver who will act as a tour guide as well.

      Enjoy India! It is amazing!

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