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March 2, 2018
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Humorous post – hating of Ryanair

So I’m annoyed at Ryan air. I need to get to London for a friends wedding and flights are stupidly expensive. A friend has a spare ticket but a name change with cost me 110 pounds… this seems excessive… I look at their website to find ALL their fees and charges to be excessive. But this is the part that annoys me the most   ryan-air-hatread   It just seems so unfair! Everyone and anyone who has travelled or lived around Europe know how unfair Ryanair can be! People refuse to use ryanair for that reason and I can see why… then you hear people saying “oh but the flights are so cheap” The truth is, they have dominated the market. Ryan air are now in nearly every airport around Europe and when that happens, they wont be so cheap anymore because we wont have the choice and I doubt their values will change. But thats just my little rant. This annoyance led me to their twitter account with the thoughts of… but who would want to follow them anyway, they don’t deserve friends! I found a competition they are running
What I found so entertaining was some of the replies showing an instant hate of Ryan air so I decided to power through and find the best ones. So the next time Ryanair drives you insane or you find yourself wondering hwo the hell they get away with it re-read this post and feel better (or worst) knowing you are not the only one going through this.  
Personally, I’m up for Virgin taking over!

Whilst we are bagging out Ryanair why not check out this funny Reddit If Ryanair ran a pub… Venting is good for you! We even have a forum for it! So feel free to always vent away, join the community for free and release your annoyances on our forum for the rest of the community to help you out! Or just write it on your profile status 🙂 So now it’s your turn, how would you let Ryanair know how you feel?

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