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Latest Activity

What can I expect from the community?


The soul of She Roams Solo. You will have 100% access to the forum where you can ask any questions, tell any stories and give as much advice as your heart desires. Your queries will automatically be placed on the community board for all to see and assist.


The Chat Room

This will be your zone to simply chat to anyone, about anything! Get to know some of the community ladies, chat travel, love, work, chat anything! Jump online and chat away whenever you are bored, alone or simply want to chat to someone.


Your Profile

Your space, your place! 

Personalise your profile. Change your image and cover photo. Update your status, add your photos, videos, blog links, destinations. Fill in your profile information so people can get to know you and search for you.


Connect with others

Meet like-minded ladies

Connect with others around the world, Search and add friends, private message, chat or meetup. Connect based on an in-depth search feature. Make friends before you enter your newest destination or perhaps someone to travel with.

Full community board access

Continuously inspired and informed!

All updates, forums, blog posts, uploaded media and more will be displayed on the community board, this is the first page you will see when you log in. This makes it easy to get your information to the community.

Promote your talents and information

Photography, writing, videos, hidden gems, safety tips! 

So many talented women, amazing destinations, and information, this is a space to collaborate it all. Share blog posts, photos, knowledge of hidden gems and tips to stay safe and on a budget. Inspire those following you, encourage adventures!


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With much more to come...

Rewards Program

We partner with hostel, bars, tour groups and more

The newest project I'm working on is the rewards program, partnering with companies and services that will make solo travel easier for you. All members of our community will soon be able to have discounts at hostels, tour services, and more.

Join our Group Pinterest Board

A great source of information

Join our group Pinterest board, add your blogs, tips, articles, promote your adventures or pin other great websites and articles you see.

Profile Map

Check in and stay safe

Tag and show off your visited cities and countries. Make check in's to where you are for safety. Coming soon

Attend Events

Create and attend 

We will arrange events in different places around the world. As a member of the community, you can either attend these events or create your own. We help you with finding sponsors, attendees and so on. More on this to come

Free Kindle and ebooks

Read stories on the go

Every so often we publish all our blog posts into a kindle or ebook version so you can stay entertained whilst traveling with some short stories. More on this to come.

A better community

Your community, your suggestions 

The community is still new. I'm working hard to be constantly improving it. Constantly adding members and interactions. As we go on the interface and functions will improve. Keep me posted on any suggestions, this is your community after all.

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