Learning Language resources

Are you looking to learn another language other than your native language? There are so many free resources online that can help you with your language learning. Most of the resources below will help with popular languages and some have up to 40 languages available so whatever your target language is from French, German to Vietnamese and multiple languages more!

The resources below stretch from online courses to video lessons and chatting with native speakers. There are clubs and groups to help support your fellow language learners. Some of the free language apps are completely free and some are paid with premium versions or in-app purchases. The vast amount of learning materials online is insane!

This is why we have a handy search criteria checkbox to help you narrow down if you want to learn from websites like fluent in 3 months or language exchange services like iTalkie.

Either way, whatever you choose will help you focus on language specific resources and find what helps you learn best.

What resource will best help you learn or teach a language?

Here are some more details about these resources, reviews and more

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