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November 14, 2019
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Promote Your Travel Blogs

promote your travel blog

One of the biggest questions when trying to promote your blog posts is how to promote your travel blog. She Roams Solo helps promote travel blogs and support travel bloggers. This post simply lists a few ways in which we love to help promote bloggers and share their travel stories.

Travel Bloggers Lounge

Members of the She Roams Solo community (free to join – women only) can promote their blog post on the travel bloggers lounge group. Simply join this specific group in the community and share your links as and when you want to. We ask that all members of the group help support the bloggers by reading, sharing and commenting on posts that they enjoy.

This isn’t a rule, it’s simply a nice thing to do to help other bloggers of the community. Below is a video that shows how to share your blog posts and participate in the group.


It is all pretty straight forward. To join the community click here. To join the travel bloggers group click here. Happy sharing. I love to read the blog posts personally and help by sharing as many of the posts as possible on twitter. You can follow us here. We also sometimes share the blog posts through our newsletter, which you can subscribe to here.

Best Female Travel Blog Directory

My proudest add to the community is our female travel blog directory. It is filled with blog and social media listing of our community members. It is completely free to list your blog or nominate other bloggers on the directory. The aim is to provide another resource for members of the community. Whether you are a blogger or just love reading and following, this is the purpose of the directory.

She Roams Solo Ladies

The She Roams Solo ladies series is an interview series of blog posts. This is not limited to only bloggers, I just love learning about members of the community. To participate fill out this form. List some interesting facts about you, your travels, your life goals – whatever they may be.
I will take the time to get to know you, stalk you a little and create an interview just for you. The idea is to have questions I think the rest of the community may like or things you are an expert on.

Guest posting

I welcome your stories! Female travel bloggers, get in touch, guest post, tell your story, let the community here what has been going on in your life and we will help get your story out there. You can find more information here.

Group Pinterest Boards

Join our Pinterest boards to share your board posts. Please share them in the correct boards. You can invite yourself via our pinterest boards or by filling out this form.

Discover New Instagram Accounts

I recently created a blog post showcasing lesser-known but very talented photographers and fun Instagram accounts. This blog post will be continuously updated as more nominations come in. (Yes you may nominate yourself). The only criteria is that I can only accept accounts under 10K.

Feel free to nominate on this form here. Please also nominate accounts you follow and love. I’m all for discovering new talents. As always, even if you don’t make the cut, we feature and share any Instagram photos with #sheroamssolo and you can follow these photos on @sheroamssolo 

So that is whats going on with the community at the moment. A HUGE focus on promoting other writers and getting cool, motivating stories out to through the platform. As always, if you are not a member, you join always join for FREE here.

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promote your travel blog

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  1. Jeric says: Thanks for the opportunity. I am looking forward to being included in your travel blog directory. Thank you!

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