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Is the Sarong the only thing you need to pack?

Is the Sarong the only thing you need to pack

Why you need to take your sarong travelling

Is the Sarong the only thing you need to pack? You should ALWAYS take your sarong travelling especially to hot countries such as South East Asia or South America, The Caribbean etc From dresses to towels, bags to headscarves… the versatile sarong should always be in your backpack. The sarong looks good, it has sex appeal, it is light-weight, easily packed, cheap and quick to dry; They hardly take up any room in your pack. There is how your sarong can be your most essenital and sometimes only need…

From day to night

The Sarong is one of those rare and wonderful items that you can wear from day to night. Wear your stunning sarong all day at the beach and let those beach waves turn into dance music and cocktails turn into too many shots, with little effort at all. There is no need to go home and get changed. There is no need to think of what you are wearing because the sarong can magically fit any occasion. This is the number one reason why you should always take your sarong travelling

sarong travelling

Belt or scarf

I had a beautiful small, lightweight and semi-transparent sarong that I bought in New Zealand. It was the most beautiful orange colour. When I wasn’t using it as a sarong, it would add colour to my black shorts and black singlet top but using the sarong as a belt, putting it inbetween my shorts belt hole to make a great belt.  It was simple, easy and stylish. When I got back to working life, it doubled as a super stylish scarf around my neck. That was the best sarong I bought whilst travelling.

They make great beach towels!

I always find a towel such a pain to pack and carry when travlling. They are heavy and bulky, however ,the sarong makes a fine replacement when travelling and packing light.


Cover up when visiting temples

This is one that will come in handy so often. Quickly use your sarong to cover your knees or head as a scarf before exploring the beautiful temples and churches. Keep that respect for culture strong!

saonr travelling cover up

The Sarong is even useful whilst doing the laundry

Wrap your dirty clothes in the sarong to separate them from clean, chuck it all in the wash together

Sunburn protection

The lightweight sarong is perfect to simply place over your shoulders or head when the sun is getting too hot… and when not needed, it can turn into any of those mentioned used below. It will provide a great bit of shade or eye mark when sunbathing.

Skip the extra skirt and take your sarong.

Skip taking 12 skirts, simply take a few lightweight sarongs travelling with you and not only will you save space and have a variety you can turn them from long to short and sometimes with reversible designs. Here is how to turn your Sarong into a skirt:

1.Fold the materially diagonally in half to get a triangle shape.
2.Wrap the sarong around your waist.
3.Gather the two ends of the sarong and tie a knot on the side.


Bathrobe or a dressing gown!

When you get out of the shower in places like South East Asia, you find it so humid that it’s impossible to feel 100% dry, you sort of feel like you are just sweating again. Personally, I hate getting changed in those outdoor showers, I like running to my room. The beauty of the long sarong is that you can simply place it around you, its lightweight material barely touching and run into your fan/air con bungalow to cool off and get dressed.

light Blue Sarong for travelling


I tend to find my sarong a wonderful item on long public transport. Either as an extra pillow or as a cover or blanket. It can be useful as a bpare bedsheets or an extra light blanket when in a hostel or camping.

Mandala Sarong Wrap

Wear it as a shirt

  • Hold the sarong up to yourself and fold the sarong width-wise so that it is as long as you want your shirt to be.

  • Place the sarong around yourself by holding onto each end of it and pulling it across your upper back. Make sure that the sarong is centered across your back.
  • Grasp the ends and tie them across the center of your chest. Pull the knot to make sure it is secure.

  • Pull the ends up and throw them over the back of your shoulders.
  • Tie the loose ends behind your neck in a tight knot. Let the tails fall down your back.

Padding for breakables in transit

You just bought a glass or breakable souvenir. You’re at the airport and just remembered how fragile this possession is. Suddenly you pull out your sarong and wrap it protectively around your valuable memory and all is right with the world again.

The Beauty of a Long Sarong

The beauty of a long sarong is that it can always be shortened. At the same time it can be used as a dress, long skirt or beach towel. Below is an example of the many ways a long sarong can be turned from day to night and be used however you need.

Carry your Sarong for privacy

Sometimes, being on the road can be tough. Travelling can be exhausting and sometimes you want some privacy, the sarong can help. Use your sarong as a curtain or divider – handy for those hostels without bunk bed covers. As well as a head cover/blanket for when you’re on public transport and just want to zone out.

Backless Holter Top

  • First, fold a normal-length sarong in half length-wise.
  • Holding the fabric in front of you by the natural corners of the sarong, take both top corners and tie them together behind your neck.
  • Take the corners of the fold and wrap them around your waist, tying them behind your back.

Halter Neck Dress

The flexibility of the sarong makes it a versatile item of clothing. You can take your long sarong from short skirt to dress – you even have the flexibility of turning it into a stylish dress like the Halter

Step One: Hold the sarong vertically in front of your body. Then tie the top two corners around the back of your neck into a knot. Add an additional knot to create a double knot.

Step Two: Twist your sarong in front to create an opening keyhole. Hold on to each side of the sarong and gather two edges by your waist.

Step Three: Once you have gathered the two edges, begin to wrap them around the back. Tie the two edges into a double knot for security. You have now created a halter dress cover-up and you are ready to hit the beach!

sarong travelling halter dress

Various ways to wear it as a dress

Strapless, short, long, holter, one side, Toga style, and it doesn’t stop there… So many ways to wear your sarong as a dress

Experiment with materials

  • Rayon, the most popular fabric. Less expensive then cotton or silk but the reason is that rayon is an amazing fabric that is extremely breathable, has a flowey drape and is durable.
  • Cotton, strong and durable fabric. If you love big soft, fluffy and comfy wraps, then cotton sarongs are perfect for you. Great for all seasons as well as versatile options like drapes, picnic or beach blanket or travel bed sheet
  • Chiffon, a sheer, lightweight fabric that is easy to dye. The material is durable and very cool to wear, making it ideal for a sarong. It is inexpensive and easy to wash. However, chiffon tends to stretch out of shape, and when washed with other colors it may bleed color.
  • Silk, associated with luxury and sensuality. It is a delicate yet strong material. Silk looks and feels beautiful, yet it can be quite expensive and create persperation

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