If you don’t want to consider these rules, consider them correct practices to be a useful and “nice” member of She Roams Solo. This is a community. Your community, so I don’t want to impose rules. I do however, want to list a few suggestions for behavioral elements… Let’s think of this more as a “code”

If members are not following the code, they may be reported against. Reporting will lead to investigation; Investigation will lead to an email as a warning. If therefore after this time, said member is still being reported, said member risks losing their membership.

Again, these are NOT rules (unless specified), simply guidelines.

  • Respect other members of She Roams Solo. Respect their opinions and their privacy
  • Please keep the forums as neat as possible. Try not to duplicate questions, it always helps to search first. In the country specific forums, please use the specific country unless you are doing a multi country trip, in which case using general is okay. If there is one country you will be spending more time in, or the question is for specifically, please use that country.
  • Whilst this is a free space, we encourage participation is the forums. Help others as you would want help
  • Feel free to friend people as you wish. However, we suggest that there has been prior contact before adding them as a friend “It just looks less “stalky” that way.
  • Rule: Under NO circumstance are you to steal or re-use another members images or text e.g blog posts. Failure to respect this rule will lead to a membership evoke.
  • Try and keep mean or snarky comments away. That’s no way to make friends.
  • Please share on social media other members blog posts and content, it is always appreciated.
  • When meeting up with someone from the community. It is always done at your own risk. We always encourage meetings in a public place. Only women are allowed in this group, but we really do not have a way to see beyond what people place on this platform.
  • Rule: Whilst we have no problem with promoting your blog posts on your own space. Spamming is NOT cool! If you have a product, a company or are looking for clients/buyers; DO NOT spam the inbox of our members. I support fellow entrepreneurs and start-ups and am always happy to help a good cause. We have advertising space and a packing list for products. All relevant content should go in the relevant space.
  • She Roams Solo is not responsible for any meetups in person, this is all organised and to be attended at your own risk
  • She Roams Solo will NEVER sell your information or details. No amount of money is as important as our communities security and privacy

If you have any other questions, suggestions or desires, please get in touch.