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Why Bali is Perfect to Travel Solo

solo travel in bali

Can you travel Bali solo? Is Bali safe for a solo female traveller? Why yes! of course, it is! In fact, Bali is the perfect solo travel destination.

Where you travel when you’re solo has a lot to do with how your trip will be. Some places are highly suitable for solo travel and Bali is definitely one of those places. When looking for a culture shock in travel but also safety, Bali is your destination! When looking for peace and quiet or raging parties…. Bali is your solo travel destination. When looking for nature, serenity and beauty – Bali has it all!

If you are looking for where to go in Bali check out our latest article. You could also pick up these books to read before travelling to Bali (or whilst you’re laying on one of the many amazing beaches Bali has to offer).



Travel Bali Alone and Find Yourself

Bali is the place you go when you want to find yourself. Bali’s spiritual serenity is the best place to find yourself, spend time alone and working on yourself. Bali is peace, tranquillity and mindset.

Travelling alone in Bali doesn’t mean you are missing out. In fact, it means you can take advantage of your alone time. Find yourself, breathe in the tropical air, the surrounding views, the lush jungles and settling sunsets. Be at peace with yourself.

Yoga, wellness retreats, meditation and will lead you to embrace the Balinese spiritual way of life.

Surround yourself with Balinese decor into jungle surrounds. Spend time improving your well being or simply being inside your own head. Find your centre. Grow during your time away from the outside world and embrace being alone.


Meeting People is a Breeze

Perhaps you are not in Bali to find your zen. Maybe you want to meet some new people. Bali is great for meeting people all around the world. Crazy Kuta will have you partying into the wee hours of the night with crazy, young and fun, friendly travellers from all over the world.

Whilst places like Canggu and Denpasar are perfect for meeting people from the digital nomad community. There are always events going on that you can find online and meet some cool new people.

Bali has a huge expat community with many travellers from Australia and New Zealand as well as all over the world. It is easy to meet expats as generally, they are all looking to meet new people.

Pub crawls and surf school, snorkelling tours and lively hostels will all leave you with plenty of people to do day time activities with and no lack of friendships as the evening trails on.


Meeting people - solo travel Bali


Easy to Get Around

Bali is built for solo travel. Large cars, small lanes and overpopulation make this to one traffic heavy island. Solution – get around if via moto. Not only is it fun, cost effective and efficient… did I mention FUN! It’s the perfect way to get around as a solo traveller!

Use GoJek, the Bali version of Uber. It is a transportation app used to book a moto taxi for one.

For the brave…. Rent your own moto! Go your own way! Ride around at your own time and get off the beaten path. A scooter is cheap to ride but keep in mind, if it’s your first time on two wheels, may stick to a moto taxi. Plenty of horror stories have touched based on the travel-internet-sphere and I would hate for you to be one of those.

Another excellent way to get around Bali is via bicycle. Perhaps if you are looking for a slower way to see things and get around, cycling is the way to go

Affordable Solo Accommodations and Hostel Options


Art Galleries Galore

Perhaps art galleries aren’t the first thing you think of when you hear Bali. Rest assured, Bali holds art galleries and studios galore.

Let’s be honest, art galleries are an alone thing. You want to take your time. Be within your own creative zone. Nobody wants others rushing them of throwing their opinion at the artwork. Give yourself a chance to chat with the artists, if you’re lucky.

Check out Five art studio in Ubud, they also run classes. Nyaman Gallery in Seminyak showcases local and international artists. Neka Art Museum, Ubud, is more attuned to local art and culture. The Positive Negative Visual Gallery displays a large variety of art. Don’t look past the Heyokah Art House, also in Ubud.

I’m sure when you think art galleries you think of Paris, but Bali has so much creative energy and some amazing up and coming artists. The island is filled with art houses and beautiful works of art.


Enjoy art whilst solo travelling in Bali


Get Active in Bali

The truth of the matter, there is so much to do in bali that even being alone in Bali, you could never get bored! Bali has some magical coral reefs and marine life to snorkel around. You don’t need someone to talk to in order to observe amazing sea life

Surfers from all over the world come to Bali to surf – solo surf! Another amazing activity you can try when solo in Bali. Plenty of surf schools will assist with renting you a surf board or lessons.

As mentioned above, cycling is another great way to get active and see the island at the same time. Many places will rent you a decent bike and the island is relatively flat. Don’t miss out on a bike tour of the Jatiluwih rice terraces or a trip through Putung Village, where you get a gorgeous view of the Indian Ocean.

Because of Bali’s beautiful nature, the hiking is in abundance! Hiking is another amazing and soul-cleansing activity you can do in Bali. Check out the Red Coral Waterfall Trek and the Sekumpal Waterfall hike for incredible sights of waterfalls. Consider Mount Lesung for a day or night hike (where you will be treated to stunning sparkling skies as you fall asleep).


Hiking in Bali on solo travel



Relax Solo Style in Bali

If there is one thing that solo travel in Bali is going to give you. Serenity! Relaxation! Peaceful tranquillity! You can party hard in Bali or you can relax and take some R&R time. There is nothing like R&R time on your own…. In fact, is there any other way to do it?

The spa scene is in Seminyak. The area caters to those wanting peace smells and relaxing massages.

The indonesias certainly know how to relax and they also know how to treat their guests. Check out some of the many day spas on the island, some with relaxing views of the rice terraces or with infinity pools overlooking the mountains.

Watch some of the best sunsets at the end, reflecting on life or just not thinking at all. There are also many amazing beachside bars you can sit and watch the sunset with sounds of hypnotising music or simply the sound of the ocean waves crashing.



The Amazing Locals, Though

Now here is the highlight of travelling solo around Bali. The locals. When you are travelling with someone, there is not as much of a reason to talk to random people. What is travelling without meeting the locals?

Here is now a chance to invite a local to sit down and eat with you. Or ask a local questions about their favourite place in Bali (perhaps not the tuk-tuk drivers).

The Balinese are amazingly friendly and beautiful people. They are happy to meet you. To practice their English. To know what you think of their Island. They will be ahppy to sit and talk with you for hours.

When you travel solo, sometimes you get a little bored and feel the need to talk to someone. This is when having amazing local people around you makes the destianation a solo travel-friendly destination.



Is Bali safe for Solo Female Travel?

Every destination comes with its risks. Bali is overall, in general, a safe place to visit for solo female travellers. There are of course certain things to look out for.

Cat calling and men wanting to get their sticky hands on the beautiful woman you are is to be expected. However, Bali is not known as a sleazy country so this isn’t something to be extremely careful of.

Like anywhere that has a lower socio-economic population, pickpocketing and thieving can happen. Just keep your wits about you and don’t carry too much cash. As a general rule, don’t travel with anything you don’t want to lose. In saying this, Bali isn’t exactly top of the thieving list of countries.

Scamming is popular in many countries around South East Asia. I’m sure you have heard of the common ones. Drivers saying your hotel is bad and they know a better one. Cheaper taxi rides taking you to all of the possible surrounding shops for commission. Faulty taxi meters or over-charging. Saying certain tourist attractions are closed and offering you a suggestion of their mates tours etc These are all pretty common scams to avoid in South East Asia.

ATM skimming is a common scam all over the place, so knowing how to protect yourself is a useful skill that you can take with you everywhere. ATM skimming is where a fake card scanner is replaced or put over the original. When you place your card in, scammers can access your card information. The best way to prevent being a victim is to pull on the card reader. If it is loose or comes out completely, it may not be a skimmer. It would be wise to use ATMs inside banks to further decrease your risk of being scammed.

Other common scams and tourist traps in Bali are fake taxi drivers, so always take a Bluebird taxi to ensure you don’t get scammed. Touts at tourist hot spots are people who try to sell you fake things, like additional bogus fees to a temple. Lastly, corrupt police officers might try to find you for breaking an unclear traffic law.


Isn’t Bali Just For Lovers?

I won’t lie to you, Bali is a romantic place. It is a very honeymoon popular destination.  However, Bali isn’t just for lovers. The honeymooners tend to be in the all-inclusive resorts or beautiful relaxing villas spending time alone… they won’t be in your way with their love.

Many places in Bali are certainly still for the single and ready to mingle. The bar and party scene doesn’t stop. The backpacker hostels are rising as fast as the honeymoon villas. There is no sign at the airport saying “single? Turn back! – lovers only!”

I mean, who cares if Bali is romantic or for lovers… it’s also for all the groups above, the party animals, the fit and sporty, the relaxed, the arty and most certainly for the solo travellers. The newly married or hopelessly in love are still happy to chat away to you in a bar or on a tour. Their love shouldn’t affect your trip. You are solo free and happy. You are on an amazing adventure in beautiful Bali…. Who would want anything else!


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