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Solo Travel Guide Luxembourg

Practical stuff

Safety and Scams

Luxembourg has a high safety standard. It is a country with good living standards and is very safe. This being said, the shadiest characters will be hanging around the “gare” which is the main train station. There is also a police station there.

The emergency phone number is 112

Embassies in Luxembourg include Austria, Belgium, Cape Verde, China, Czech Republic,  France, Germany Greece, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and the United States. Other embassies can be found in neighboring countries such as France, Belgium and Germany.

Getting to and around Luxembourg

Getting around Luxembourg

Luxembourg taxi costs are what I consider the biggest scam. However, it isn’t a scam. Due to the high standards of living in Luxembourg, taxis are pricey for both locals and tourist. Avoid taxis! Uber and uber-like companies are illegal in Luxembourg.

Driving in Luxembourg is easy. Fines are pricey! Be careful. However, renting a car is also not as cheap as say Portugal and the like. Luxembourg is an expensive country. Driving is a great way to get around as public transport is time consuming away from the main city, where there are some beautiful things to see.

Because Luxembourg is a small country, it makes for some great day trips outside of the country if you have time. Car is the best way to do this but trains are also sufficient. The car rental companies can be found in the Airport.

Public transport is cheap and straight forward. A day ticket allowing you to get around the whole country (small as it is) will only set you back €4. A one-way ticket is €2. Earlier this year there were talks of free transport throughout the country.

Buses and trains are easy to catch. There is a phone app – mobiliteit.lu which can be downloaded for free to find out when trains leave, from which platform etc

Getting to Luxembourg

There is only one airport in Luxembourg (Findel). It takes around 30 minutes to get into the city center via either bus 29 or 16. It will drop you off at the gare. The bus stand is directly outside the exit of the airport and not hard to find. If you come from neighbouring countries via train or bus you are dropped directly off at the Gare Central (main train station).

Luxembourg culture

Luxembourg is a well to do country. You may find people up north to be a little more “sophisticated in their dress” and of a more “conservative nature”. However, I have found Luxembourgish people to still be quite friendly. Customer service is not their high points but if you give a smile, they will give one back. (sometimes).

Luxembourg is made up of a large French and German population as well as Portuguese and Belgium. On top of this, the population is over 40% expats. So it still has an easy-going sense about it.

Luxembourg is a financial working place. A lot of people will work here during the weekdays and live in neighbouring Germany, France or Belgium on weekends.

Luxembourg turns into a ghost town on Sundays. Mostly in the winter. In summer months you can still find a bit of happening. The shops close at 1 pm. The only shop that may still be open after this is the Carrefour express by the gare near the McDonalds in Luxembourg city. (This does make Saturday the perfect night to party).

Where to stay in Luxembourg

Hotels, like most things in Luxembourg, are quite expensive. The city has little in the way of hostels. However, in the case of Luxembourg, I would suggest Couchsurfing or similar. Because the city/country is filled with Expats, most are travel lovers and happy to help.

If you don’t feel comfortable with that, the hostels options are limited. Try and book in advance. Luxembourg city has only one hostel. Otherwise, you will have to look outside of the main city (which can be annoying with public transport).

  • In Luxembourg city – Luxembourg city hostel – This is certainly the best. Breakfast is included which helps your budget and it is not too far from the party areas. A room in a 6-bed dorm will cost about €25 – €50 euros a night on average.
  • Beaufort is north and by the German border. There is a hostel there
  • Close by Beaufort is Echternach, which is lovely is your plan is to visit Luxembourgs lake for a swim. (Great in the summer).
  • Vianden also has a hostel, nice to stay at if you are there to explore and see the Vianden castle. Not if you want to be in Luxembourg city as public transport takes a good 2 hours to get into the city.
  • Esch-Sur-Alzette also has a hostel. Esch is the second biggest city in Luxembourg but does not really have a lot happening in it. It isn’t as pretty and charming as Luxembourg city. It is about half an hour by public transport to the city. Esch is closer to the French border.
  • There is also a hostel in Remerschen. This is near the Schengen in the Mozelle region, which is the Luxembourg wine region on the border of both Germany and France

I would suggest staying in Luxembourg city. You won’t save much money by being further out and it will make it easier for you as Luxembourg city is small and easy to travel. The nightlife in mostly in the center as well.

If you like your privacy the cheapest hotel will set you back about €80 – €100 euros for a very basic room near the Gare. I have stayed at hotel Yasha which was pricey but the cheapest at the time for €115 a night and can recommend that it is safe but basic. I have stayed there before and can say it’s basic but okay. It is in the gare (train station in French) which means the shadiest characters but even Luxembourg shadiest don’t seem as shady as other countries.

The Fun stuff

Pubs, bars and nightclubs in Luxembourg

As I mentioned Luxembourg is an expat country so there is plenty of nightlife. On top of this, the quite Sundays make for heavy partying on the Saturday, guilt-free.

For a small country, Luxembourg is #22 in alcohol consumption per capita. That’s pretty impressive.

Nightlife can be found all over Luxembourg city. The Grund hosts some great pubs like Scotts Pub (perfect to sit by the fire or outside watching the duckies swim by) Oscars Pub which does a great karaoke session and don’t forget Liquid Bar for live music on Thursdays or pub games by the fire.

Clausen is the main party area with night clubs and bars sitting right next to each other. Check out Star Bar for Salsa Music. Gotham for a great time. Apoteca is one popular nightclub option. De Gudde Wëllen made for one of my favourite nights of dancing.

Also in Luxembourg city are some great places to check out like Rock Solid for happy hour daily. Tube Bar is popular amongst British expats, although I do find it over-priced and crowded.  Also check out Konrad bar and Urban bar are amongst the favourites. One place I loved and never went to enough was Cafe Mr Dixon, so check it out and tell me your thoughts.

Now if you want something a bit different and off the tourist track, check out the great Portuguese bars. Here, no one will understand you and drinks are cheaper. You may walk in and think it’s a bit dodgy but Portuguese bars are a great way to get good wine, friendly service, some peanuts and cheaper drinks. The Portuguese bars are generally found by the gare or in Esch-SurAlzette which is called little Portugal. You will know the difference from these bars the minute you walk in.

Meeting people

Luxembourg has a once a month pub crawl. If you are in the city for that, check it out. You’ll meet loads of people. Otherwise, check out the Facebook Page Project Lux. The founder of project Lux is a really cool guy and dare I say the king of Luxembourg nightlife and events. He hosts the pub crawl and can easily point you in the direction of events to meet people.

Meetup is not big in Luxembourg but there are some events. Hiking events, sporting events and so on. Also, you can check out Couchsurfing for events.

Activities for solo travelers

So, you have arrived in Luxembourg, what to do? This depends a lot on how much time you have and when you arrive. The basic weekend trip, I would suggest just simply walking around.

Walk the city

I would suggest taking a walk around Luxembourg fortress walls from the Gare down to the Grund. This is a nice relaxing thing to do by yourself. Take a book and enjoy reading on the grass with some views. Finish off at Scotts pub for a local beer and wine. The walk is beautiful and a great way to really see the city. You can do all of this in half a day leaving plenty of time for other things. In the summer, you can stop off and visit the Casemates du Bock.


Personally visiting museums is my favorite thing to do when I’m on my own. I love just taking my own time.  The Mudam museum is certainly my favourite. It is also located in a really cool spot with good views and a few other Museums around.


Checking out the wine region is easy. You can get a bus to Remich, which is a really nice part of the country. From there, hire bicycles and cycle a relatively flat way to all the vineyards. Check for cellar doors to samples tastings. Depending on when you visit, some times of the year there are many events with samplings and meeting wine makers.

Nature in Luxembourg

If getting out in nature is more of your thing, perfect. Check out “little switerzland” for some amazing hikes. Or have a swim in one of two lakes in Luxembourg which are very popular in the summer. With plenty of people around it can be a depressing place to come solo. Although the hostel nearby does offer kayak rentals and if you have a look at the groups mentioned in this article, you may find someone to go with you.

Food and drink in Luxembourg

Luxembourg food is very similar to its influencers France and Germany. The main local dish is call Judd mat Gaardebounen, smoked collar of pork with broad beans. I had tried it in a nice restaurant in Vianden (recommended) by the river and once in Luxembourg city at Restaurant Mousel’s in Clausen (not recommended).

Whilst you are here there are several local beverages you should check out. For a small country, Luxembourg keeps to European traditions and still has a brewery and a wine region. Bless Europe! This means there is local booze to test!

Luxembourg wine regions specialises in rivaner (a nice dry white wine) and Crémant (Luxembourgs sparkling). I recommend taking a trip to the Moselle. If you do love wines, I suggest a trip to the Alsace region not far away.

Luxembourg local beer include Bofferding, Battin and Diekirch  (the Christmas beer from Diekirch is awesome).

Where to next?

You can see most of Luxembourg in a weekend. You can even get out and about into other countries. So you are now done with Luxembourg. But you have so much more travel time… where to next?

If you are planning to catch a flight somewhere else, Luxembourg services several destinations but your choices are more limited than others; Unless you want to stop off somewhere first or spend a lot of euros! So why not take advantage of these destinations.  From Luxembourg, you can get a cheap direct flight to Berlin, Milan, London, Edinburgh, Dublin and Manchester. Toulouse, Marseille, nice and Bordeaux also make a good trip in France and you can sometimes find cheap flights. You can also get cheap flights to Barcelona, Madrid, Palma and Seville if Spain is more your cup of tea. Because of Luxembourg’s large Portuguese population, you can also visit Portugal and very often have cheaper flights to Porto, Lisbon and Faro. Portugal is a country most Luxembourg locals escape to often.

If you are looking at the right time you can maybe find decently priced flights to Malta, Hungary, Greece, Netherlands and Switzerland, perhaps even Denmark, Sweden, Austria and Morocco. There are many more options so I suggest looking on Skyscanner ahead of time.

You can also get buses outside to other countries. Flixbus services Luxembourg and beyond. However, I cannot promote Flixbus, as we all know how I feel about that (read here)

Another magical option is to get in a car and drive. The best rental companies are – Avis, Budget, Sixt and Europcar, Hertz and Thrifty also operate from Luxembourg. My suggestion would be to jump on Skyscanner, click on car hire and search whats best for your budget and time. Do keep in mind that skyscanner links to third party car rentals so perhaps check the insurance deal with the company direct before finalising. With the third party insurance, you are buying it through them and they are not as easy to get money back off.

From Luxembourg, you can take some amazing trips through Frances vineyard. Check out Alsace, Champagne and Burgundy. You can also drive through the black forest of Germany, which is a beautiful drive.


Luxembourg may be a small country but you can still have a lot of fun and really enjoy this small but beautiful country. If you do visit Luxembourg, be sure to join our Female travel community and let everyone know. We have several members from Luxembourg who would love to chat to you and show you around.


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