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Solo travel: Single hotels – Europe edition


Solo Rooms in Florance

Just because you are travelling alone, it does not mean that you have to backpack and sleep in dorm rooms. Hostels and dorms are great for meeting new people, having a bit of fun and saving on your budget – but what about when you want some alone time. What if you are the introvert traveller, you want privacy and safety and perhaps budget isn’t your main priority. Here are a list of brilliant single room hotels in Europe. We have gone through thousands to find the best single room hotels in a variety of countries.


Solo Rooms in Paris

Paris is not just the city of love! It is the city of art, writers, history and creativity. So why not grab a good book, get some paints and simply enjoy Paris alone! Here are some of the best rooms for the job

Budget-friendly solo rooms

With a large bed, private bathroom and city view from the balcony, this room still in the budget category is a top score!

Hôtel De Nemours


Luxury alone time

Pop open that bottle of French Champagne and relax in the bathtub of your own private solo room with nobody to bother you. Take a short stroll down to the Eiffel tower and really indulge on a luxury trip to Paris

Opera Deauville

Solo-travel- Single- hotels-paris-luxury

United Kingdom

Solo Rooms in London

There is so much to do in London that you will never get bored. London is an expensive place for accomodation and hostels make this easier, if you don’t want a hostel we have found several selections for budget and luxury single rooms.

Budget-friendly solo rooms

With a large bed, private bathroom and city view from the balcony, this room still in the budget category is a top score!If what you are looking for is a basic bed on a budget in a great location, you can’t go wrong with this basic room in Shoreditch. Shoreditch is Londons most “happening area”. With plenty to keep you entertained in this area alone, you don’t have to stay put as it is a nice walk or quick tube ride into the main touristy areas of London from here

Rooms Brick Lane Shoreditch


Luxury alone time

Perhaps you wish to spend a bit of extra money and be right in the heart of London. Stay somewhere with some class and “polish” This single bed hotel room is in the perfect spot to walk all over London

Central Park Hotel Opens in new window



Solo Rooms in Florance

Tuscany… the beautiful, special Italian region which is known to have changed lifes. Florance is filled with beautiful art at everycorner and you could spend hours upon hours simply walking around alone. Perhaps you want to indulge in the art alone, here are the perfect single rooms.

Budget-friendly solo rooms

Great location and well priced. This hotel is very charming with it’s grand entrance and spiral stairs. After your included breakfast, enjoy getting lost in Florence side streets on art hunts

Hotel Aldobrandini


Beautiful simply airey room with a great feel about it. Close to public buses. The room is a wonderfully designed room

B&B Hotel Firenze City Center


Luxury alone time

Very well located! This posh hotel will be sure to allow you that quality alone time you are craving

Atlantic Palace


This fabulous hotel comes with beautiful rooms, elegantly furnished, a gym, resaurant and a furnished terrace for relaxation




Solo Rooms in Barcelona

Barcelona, the thriving, vibrant seaside city filled with culture and architecture like nowhere else. Tapas and Sangria will keep you busy whether you explore this wonderful city alone or with someone else you are bound to have a great time.

Budget-friendly solo rooms

Great location! This simple single room comes with a private bathroom, desk and all the “mod cons” of a more expensive room.

Hotel Cantón


Luxury alone time

Fantastically located with  soundproofed rooms with free WiFi and flat-screen TVs. This Luxury single room also comes with a roof top swimming pool for you to enjoy your alone time! The room is spacious and the bathroom is huge. You’ll certainly enjoy this room as much as the city

Ciutat de Barcelona


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