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Calling all Guest Post female bloggers, share your stories! She Roams Solo is a community, social network for women who travel. Our blog is made from Guest Post female bloggers and we welcome all ladies to share their stories!We are on the lookout for interesting and entertaining stories that readers will want to read and benefit from. Submit travel guest post here

submit travel guest post

Paid writing

Guest posts are not paid writing opportunities, they are simply a chance for exposure and to tell your personal stories. I am working hard to grow this community and eventually, ideally, there will be paid writing opportunities in the magazine and the ebooks. The best voted writers will be given these jobs, as will repeat guest posts.

Submit Travel Guest Post

There are a variety of ways to submit travel guest post for She Roams Solo:

Tell your story: We publish personal travel stories. There are no specific requirements for the story. I am simply looking for raw and honest personal stories. Think, the kind you would tell to your friends, or in a hostel. Stories of how you felt when you went here or what happened when you did that etc etc This is your creative outlet and there are no rules. Anything goes, what are you waiting for? Tell your story! Submit travel guest post via the form below.

She Roams Solo Ladies: This is an opportunity for all of our community members to tell their story, introduce themselves to the community. To get involved, fill out this form and tell us about you. Take a look at some of our previous Submissions.

Before travelling to... Series: A series to showcase books, movies and music one should experience before travelling to a certain country. You can see other examples of this here.

An expert on a country: Do you have a specific country that you feel you know like the back of your hand? Get in touch, I would love to grab your knowledge and help the community learn about a specific country.

Collaboration story: We post collaboration stories on a certain topics. This will only require a paragraph or two. Please get in touch if you would like to participate and I'll reply with the topic.

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You don't have to submit travel guest post, sometimes you can simply add your piece to our previous stories to be updated and added: