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She Roams Solo – Thoughts behind the brand

behind the logo

The logo, she is done!


I feel accomplished, this was one of the biggest hurdles so far. My logo creation is complete! The branding has been born. I am a graphic designer by trade so the brand lover of me didn't want to hire a designer to do my logo. At the same time, with this project, I was critic central! I was very picky with myself and still am finding things I want to pick at.

Logo creation 101

The idea and strategy behind a logo is the most important thing. The logic and strategic meaning is what matters most. I had that plan in mind the whole time. Since starting to build She Roams Solo (SRS) I have thought about it day and night. I started sketching away at logo thoughts very soon. My idea behind the logo is I wanted to somehow represent and show off that SRS is for ALL kinds of women, women in different countries, different ages, looks, life spans and accomplishments, different upbrings and of different socioeconomic backgrounds. ALL WOMEN!

Every good logo starts with a brainstorming. You must understand your business. You must know what you are branding and the message that you want to get out there. So I did a very quick brainstorm.


I started doing research online "Logos travel" "female logos" "travel female logos" whatever keywords I can think of (I literally had 60 tabs open) to start to give me some visuals. Instantly I took to the Hawaiian Airlines logo. I can't tell you why. I think I liked the simplicity of it, I liked the feminineness of it and I liked that clear and obvious female profile to it.


So I started playing with side profiles and was attracted to the idea of flowing hair. I started thinking, what if the hair plays a roll... spells out the acronym or something.... (don't judge my drawings, I'm a designer on computer only. When it comes to sketching, I really am the only one who knows what is on my mind - sometimes I like ti that way)


But I never wanted this logo to look too feminem (despite the drawings looking super "lady like") because let's be honest, not many of us travel in a mini skirt and high heels and we are not all beautiful air hostess that look amazing all the time and personally my hair flowing all around me annoys the hell out of me. So I wanted to stick with a way to represent ALL women!

This is where the logo started taking shape (although it doesn't look like it from below). I started thinking "faces" the faces to represent all the women from everywhere... different looking faces could be the curves in the hair


Feel free it judge that one... like what is with her nose??? Even I'm judging it.

It was all getting too complicated! I like and believe strongly in a simple logo. Over complicate your branding, throw 50 rules at it but your logo, must be simple and diverse (and not have an ugly nose). So I started playing around with the face, the side profile idea again. I did some sketches (putting slightly more effort in this time)



Colour is important!

Now I started to think about colours, I wanted the right colors, I didn't want your standard pink, I refused to help carry on a palette stereotype of any tonal range. Colours are phycological and being a designer I was trained in that shit! I couldn't just turn my back on it. So I thought... RED It was brilliant, why didn't I think of that sooner. The colour of confidences, sexyness, bold and powerful. That is the women of this group.



The more that I kept thinking about my brand, the more the idea was coming along. I liked the idea of the many faces of the women involved, but the hair sketch was not right. I love logos that have hidden meanings with negative space so in white inside the main women I created them, many other woman. I created a variety of different faces and heads, different shapes etc to show all with different lives and thoughts but all striving to see what they need to see and do what they want to do. That's the women! I started getting little heart flatters and dancing feet, I was so excited.

She takes shape

This was my first draft, before I found the font, colour and shapes. I liked her but she looked more like she belonged on a cover girl make up advert, but it was coming along.


Typography of the logo creation

The font, perhaps as tough a decision as the symbol. A font can make or break. I liked scripty fonts but again, are they weak? outdated? Do they represent a woman of the victorian era? A wedding invitation etc? A scripty font simply looks good, but it doesn't always do the job practically and sometimes is overused. Flimsy and weak, simply pretty, used for special occasions, that's not the personality of these women, of the super impowering women who will contribute to this site. No, but our women are attractive, so we need a sense of scriptyiniess... but we need to be practical, when I found the stunning font I chose, I knew it straight away. It was love.


It was elegant, it flowed (roamed), it wandered, it had a mind of it's own. It was happy, large and in charge. It was beautiful. (I get into freak mode when I'm designing)

As I played around a little more, I knew I was on the right track. I knew the lady above wasn't right and the font wasn't right.  Again, she was too feminem, those eyelashes had to go, her mouth, why does she look like shes being told to shut up, or like shes about to passionately kiss someone.that'sats not what I wanted. I played around a little more and eventually the women all seem to make the shape of a country, no one in particular, but the look of a continent of sorts.


The many faces of the women in white, all with different lives and thoughts but all striving to see what they need to see and do what they want to do. Thats the women! They all seem to make the shape of a country, none in particular, but the look of a continent. I wanted to have  a subtle negative space formed logo.

As I started to play around, adding the image on social media, the website etc... I knew something wasn't quite right. My supportive boyfriend and muse took a look and agreed, he threw a phew suggestions all whilst coping my backlash and taking it nicely. Eventually I realised, this main girl, she needed some personality, at the moment it was looking like some sort of a brain training logo.

So I gave her a fun pony tail... this to me says, girl who wont let anything get in her way, it says fun, young spirited and doesn't say brain scientist 😉

Thus, She Roams Solo was born!




What's your thoughts on the logo, the branding. A designer is only ever as good as his/her critics, I'm still one to look at this logo happy but double checking myself. This is your community after all, feedback is always welcomed 🙂

(Also, self-promotion, feel free to get in touch for all graphic and web design needs)

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thoughts behind the brand

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