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A large list of travel community websites

A large list of travel community websites

The beauty of a travel community

There is no doubt that She Roams Solo is the best travel community around! – okay, I may be biased. She roams solo is my online travel community for women only. But what inspired this platform is a love of other travel groups. The reason She Roams Solo was started is that of a Facebook community that inspired me. Since I have found many other groups and communities all based around travel. I’m not trying to deter you from joining and loving She Roams Solo but I think it’s only fair to share the other wonderful communities out there! Everybody should have themselves a travel tribe and with this list, you can find yours.

All of these and many more are listed on the Ultimate travel resource list and the category of meeting people. So check them out, scoup out your favourites, find your travel buddies and get inspired. The Ultimate travel community list.

Please do add any recommended ones to the list in the comments and if you are not yet a member of She Roams Solo – Join us for FREE! (women only I’m afraid).

Why Join a travel community

What is the point? Well, let me save you the spiel about how we are tribal humans just looking to belong and remind you that it is so nice to connect with like-minded people. People who share the same fears, joys, lessons and desired lifestyle as you.

When I got back from my first ever trip overseas I was devastated and in a spiral of depression. I no longer connected with anybody I had beforehand. But this depression didn’t feel right and people would tell me to get over it. Oh, if only I had myself a travel tribe back then to share my feelings and thoughts.

The idea of starting She Roams Solo was to create a place people could connect, either online or off. These are the reasons for communities. To fill your headspace, and time with things you want. To realise and see how people can support each other.

Online Travel Community

Here is a list of online travel communities you can join. These are no relying on a larger network e.g Facebook, they are purely a self hosted website communities which operate on a website/browser.

  • She Roams Solo – What sets She Roams Solo apart is that it is for women only. We focus on encouraging women to have the confidence to travel only or to travel to places they may never have travelled before. We focus on a non-judgemental space and encouragement. Our goal is also to get you the answers to your travel questions with our forums.
  • Travellerspoint – Is a great website, a large community with a forum. This community allows you to write your travel stories and use their website as a blog. Travellerspoint has been running for many years.
  • Tourbar – Tourbar acts like a dating website but for travellers. Helping you find locals in the area. I imagine this is a great little website for the digital nomad community who move around but would like to meet locals and date.

Offline travel community

These are offline travel communities, generally, for meeting up and doing different things, make friends in new places etc.

  • TravelMassive – I LOVE travel massive. An offline and online travel community which hold events all over the world. Because what’s better than an online community? An offline one!
  • Women who explore – an offline community that focuses on getting out and about. Getting women to connect through travel, outdoors and adventure.
  • Couchsurfing – I LOVE Couchsurfing, who doesn’t! The concept of staying and hanging out with locals is wonderful. The beauty of Couchsurfing. See our list of Couchsurfing Alternatives here.

Bloggers Travel Community

If you are looking for a place to share your travel stories these are the best travel blogging communities. Don’t forget, we also accept travel story submissions. You can also read our blog post – Where to submit your travel guest posts

  • Travel bloggers association – Much more than just an online community, it is an association which will help turn your blog from a hobby into a career.
  • Small budget big trips – Providing travel bloggers with more opportunities to showcase their work to the world.
  • Barclays Travel Community – Share your travel stories, whilst earning miles at the same time.
  • Traveloca – Discover thousands of travel blogs at Traveloca. Find blogs written by your family and friends or check out thousands of breathtaking traveller stories written from all over the world.
  • Atameo – Store and share your favourite travel stories and memories

Country-specific travel community

  • Triptide – Heading down under? Triptide is the best community for Australian travel
  • India Mike – This is a larger community which is focused on travel in India

Facebook travel communities

Facebook groups are a great way to get started with travel communities and below are some of the best. If you wish to find more of these, check out our blog post “The ultimate list of Facebook travel groups”

  • Girls love Travel – Women focused Facebook travel group with members from around the globe. Girls love travel promotes safety and support for every members’ travels.
  • Travel photography – A group dedicated to the art and science of travel photography.
  • Travel Bloggers  – A group for travel bloggers and others in travel media to build a better business online.
  • Hitchhiking Tribe – NOMADS – Community group for all the hitchhike tribe around the world to connect with each other, share stories, experiences, information, meet other hitchhikers on the road etc

Reddit Travel Subreddits

I am 100% addicted to Reddit. Not only is it a great community basis for every and anything but its fantastic to get travel tips from locals and those who have travelled to “said destination”. Here are some of the best general travel communities. I can recommend to just check out the different country or city topics as well. The subgroups names make it pretty self-explanatory. You can also check out my list of favourite Reddit groups which showcases the highlights.

Find other community websites, Apps and resources

Another great way to find new websites that are travel related is to check out our resources page. It is the Ultimate travel resources webpage. It is segmented into categories and has a search engine/checkboxes, allowing you to narrow down the results and find exactly what you need.

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