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How to be Confident Traveling Alone
June 20, 2019
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Books to Read Before Travelling to Mexico
June 27, 2019
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Travel Posters

travel posters

Travel is your life. When you are not travelling, you are dreaming about travel. Planning and plotting your future trips is your hobby. Reading travel blogs and books keeps you busy in between trips. You are just not made for four walls, but perhaps you can make your four walls for you. Travel posters are a wonderful way to keep your trips and adventures in your mind.

Travel posters are a great source of motivation and a reminder of what I’m working towards. Every time I look up at my bright coloured, fun-filled Puerto Rican poster above my desk I remind myself to put my head down and work hard cause one day, I’ll be dancing on those beaches.

Being in the digital age gives us more creative options than ever for how we can decorate our four walls. Etsy is filled with beautiful posters and designs. Wonderful wall decor and even furnishings. Here are some of my favourite Etsy shops that I have been stalking with anticipation to collect everything!

Restored Vintage Travel Posters

Blivingstons has an impressive, larger than life collection of original vintage travel posters. Robert professionally, digitally restores original travel destination posters from tourism offices, travel airlines and more. He has a passion for travel and vintage travel posters and sells these stunning posters for a very reasonable price.  I have fallen in love with the idea of a wall filled with these gorgeous, historic, original vintage destination posters.

Original Vintage travel poster of Texas
Original Vintage travel poster of London
Original Vintage travel poster of Puerto Rico

EncorePrintSociety sells reproductions of authentic vintage/antique posters, scanned from their original sources. By looking through the collection you can see design trends going back a hundred years or more. They have

Japan Vintage Posters
Australia vintage poster
Brazil Vintage Posters

Modern Vintage Inspired Travel Posters

The traveler studio is a new store but has some beautiful posters. Andrew started his store because he needed some posters for his home and wanted to redesign some classic travel posters of the 60s and 70s but with a more actual aesthetic. A fusion between the classics and the new design. “Vintage with a design touch”. These posters were successful among his friends, so he started designing new posters and the store was built.

vintage inspired modern yosemite poster
vintage inspired modern california poster
vintage inspired modern marrakech poster

LittleBlueDogDesign has a very cool design style about their store. Similar to above, a modern “design” take on older vintage travel posters. With the use of great typography and a carefully selected colour palette, these stand out posters are all very tempting. There is a consistency in the design that allows the posters to look good hanging on a wall together or throughout your house.

Japan Travel Poster
Iceland Travel Poster
Copenhagen travel poster

Modern City Maps

House of Prints is a collection of classic city maps that look beautiful in any room. The colour palette of the different cities means you can have multiple cities lined up (why not pin up every city you have been to). House of Prints was born as Tai is a passionate traveller and wanted to create something to evoke memories of her favourite places.

She started off gifting map prints to friends and family; a map print for her parents of their home town, map prints for her best friends featuring all the cities they travelled to together and a print of her sisters favourite city for her new home.

Excited by the personal touch of the prints – Perfect for anyone and any occasion. Soon enough friends and family started asking her to create prints for their friends and family – and so House of Prints was born!

city map poster of Sheffield
city map poster of Edingburgh
city map poster of Paris

Personalised Airport Tag Prints

YourUniquePrint has come up with a pretty cool little design. This poster would be amazing for making your first solo trip into a poster. Or to have a collection or every airport you have been to. Any airport you missed a flight perhaps, as a joke. Or simply give to travel buddies that you shared a trip with.

All prints are completley customisable. You choose from selected styles and add your Airport Code, City, Date, Passenger Name, Flight Number, Color and a Landmark.

From those details you have a really cool print of your destination. These posters are in a funky and unique style and will go well together as a feature wall of travel.

Barcelona travel poster
New York City Travell Wall Poster
Sydney wall travel poster

Water Colour Map Art

Water colour map art is very popular at the moment. ArtPrintZone has a great collection of watercolour world maps and city skylines. Zoe has a selection of great cities around the world and up to 9 colour palettes to choose from. You will find singular country maps, World maps, and city skylines and can select the colour pallet too.

Water colour skyline London Poster
World map watercolour Poster framed
Ireland Country Watercolour Poster

Textured unique wooden printz

The Etsy store Woodprintz produces quality maps and posters that look amazing! These don’t just look like another printed poster, it is a hangup that screams “quality”.

Woodprintz creates city maps, travel posters and world maps all on wood with a panel effect. These are stunning artworks and certainly worth checking out.

Panel effect quality city maps on wood
Japan Wooden Poster
Explore dream discover world map on wooden panels
amazing wooden world map travel poster

Put your USA Roadtrip on a Hexagon Print wall

The PrintedMarketplace have several really cool prints but the coolest of all would be the Hexagon prints of the USA maps. A great collectable for your road trip. Make a need wall of all the states/cities you have visited.

USA road trip posters memories
Montana map poster
Wyoming cool map hangup
USA road map momentos
USA roadtrip momentos

Vintage Maps

The Etsy store VintageImageryX is a wealth of beautifully framed vintage maps and posters. The maps are very impressive and I am a sucker for vintage maps. Please just try and tell me you wouldn’t love some of these beautiful vintage maps hanging in your living room. The idea of early explorers and world discovery is just too tempting.

Huge Historic 1626 Old World Map Antique Restoration
1720 Old World Map Restoration
1705 Paris Map Print Vintage Restoration Style wall map Decor old world Map of Paris France Street map Print

With no shortage of amazing travel posters, you are sure to find the right design that resonates with you. From vintage to modern to textures and beyond. Etsy is my go to for most home art and creative jewerlly as I like to have something that stands out and shows originality. I would certainly recommend checking it out. Perhaps leave a good few hours to go down the rabbit hole of creative designs.

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