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Travel safety items and accessories

travel safety items and accessories

Travel safety items and accessories for women

We asked She Roams Solo Community member Mia Clarke about her favorite gadgets when travelling solo. The idea behind these items would be that they are handy for carry-on and assist you to feel safe.  She has told us her favorite items and we have added a few of our own. Without further adieu, here is Mia, from invertpros favorite travel accessory and safety gadgets for female solo travel.

Mia, from invertpros

Going on a solo trip is one of the best things a woman can try. Not only is it very brave to venture out into the unknown, but it’s also a huge accomplishment knowing that you did it on your own. I myself can attest to this as I’ve been a female solo traveler for years. It’s all about independence, self-exploration, and having fun at the end of the day. But safety is always on the solo travellers mind? It is important that you stay extra careful and extremely vigilant of your surroundings to not get yourself into trouble. Based on my own experience, one good way of exercising this “caution” is by bringing the right things, or should we say — gadgets, with you. What gadgets? Well, read on!

Nimb Smart Ring

Whether we like it or not, personal safety is always at the back of women’s minds. I myself agree strongly with this because us, women, are naturally free-spirited. We wander and enjoy without thinking what can go wrong. Forget pepper sprays, now there is Nimb. The Nimb is a smart ring that gives you quick access to people nearby and emergency services all while tracking your location. I find this very easy to use because I just need to hold down the button for three seconds to alert nearby contacts of my location. It’s chargeable, can last for weeks at end, and is compatible with my Apple and Android devices using Bluetooth connectivity. The Numb is stylish, functional, and can undoubtedly save my life, and yours as well. The perfect ring for the female traveler.

silver and black nimb smart ring

Scosche Magic Mount Power Bank

This is very important especially if you’re going to a off the beaten path. The Scosche Magic Mount Power Bank is another one you should bring with you in your travels. This is very important especially if you’re going to a off the beaten path. This has loads of power tucked inside its battery as it was able to give my smartphone two full charges. What’s even better is that it can attach magnetically to the back of my phone! It’s just like magic, hence its name.

Tactical 5.11 Penlight

Just like what I said earlier, us women don’t care much about our safety. And most of the time, we ditch away the things we think are “useless,” in this case, a flashlight. The reason? We already got our phones. And not only are flashlights bulky, they’re out-of-style too! Well, except for this one. Personally, I find the Tactical 5.11 Penlight as it lit my hotel room when a blackout occurred during my vacation in Costa Rica last year. My phone was discharged that night, and I couldn’t see a thing. It was pitch black back. Good thing I had my “anti theft purse” (I’m all about safety items) where I stashed my penlight. And yes, it’s the size of a pen. Talk about shedding away baggage weight, eh? It is pocket size and great for packing light. On top of this, whilst the pen isn’t water resistant it is splash resistance for at least 5 minutes. 2 meter drop tested. Oh.. and speaking of Anti theft purse – Here is a recommendation from Jessica from our community. It is from Baggallini – Anti-Theft Multi-Pocketed, Waterproof Cross Body Bag. “It is my go-to recommendation for all women travellers. This is a long-term purchase that has never let me down and It wont send your credit card into debt” She says

JBL Charge 3  Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker  

I’m a solo traveler because I want to do what I want and go where I want, all without the hassle of having a companion. It’s all about serenity and knowing your inner self that makes me want to travel alone and go to places I dreamed of going since I was a kid. As good as peace and tranquility are, it’s still going to be boring if you’re traveling without music. Thus, you need a companion, in this case, something that’ll give you songs to jam to while bathing under the Hawaiian sun or perhaps contemplating about life at your tropical veranda. There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers you can choose from, but the JBL Charge 3 is what I’d like to recommend. It’s waterproof, economical, and most of all has great sound quality. Oh, and yes, it’s stylish as well as it comes in different colors.

Final Verdict

There is no doubt that you’re going to have an even better time now that you know what to bring with you the next time you venture out in another solo travel. Bask in the freedom of traveling alone and knowing that you’re safe, comfortable, and most importantly, happy. To more solo travels, girl!

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