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December 6, 2018
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Travel themed secret santa

travel themed secret santa

Its that time of the year again. The office festivities kick on in the world, as they do in the office. The Christmas parties, excitement over holiday shut down and weekday hangovers have people winding down… but who can forget the much-beloved tradition of secret Santa! This year, my workplace has a travel themed secret Santa. This is perfect for me! I am a travel lover! So for once, I have really done the research. Here are the best travel themed secret Santa gifts I could find.

I have tried to place these items in price order from lowest to highest so you can stop when it reaches your budget. I will also be keeping this post, as all posts updated and ready for next year of just using it as a list for birthday gifts or going away gift ideas.

If you are a member of our free travel community for women, you can also use the forum or community board to ask questions about gift ideas if these do not satisfy,

Note: Most of these products go back to either amazon or etsy who are trusted online shopping places. Most of them do have affiliate links which just means I receive a small commission for my research and recommendations, but I have not put anything on this list that wouldn’t be a great secret santa idea for travel themes or gifts for travel lovers

Travel Themed Secret Santa under $10 – $15

Two Way Dual Headphone Jack – $6.99

This is a great and cost effective little gadget. So many times my boyfriend has hogged the Spotify app and wont let me share a headphone during the plane ride. Well now, with this two-way dual headphone jack, we can both listen at the same time. Plug this into your phone and you are your travel buddy can listen to the same music together with both headphones in…. no more fighting over who gets Spotify. It is cheap and will certainly come in handy.

Ancable Folding Hair Brush with Mirror -$10.09

The beauty of a travel-related gift is that it needs to be practical. Ideally, it should not be expensive, as thefts and losing things happen. It should be small and lightweight but help with day to day getting along. The folding hairbrush with mirror is key. It saves space, is compact and the “intense high-tech” folding mechanism means the brushes won’t cling onto other items and can fit in most travel beauty bags. Best of all it is inexpensive so you can always pair this up with other gifts like hand sanitizers, pocket tissues etc

Portable Travel Footrest – $10.80

Okay so it isn’t the most stylish and looks a little like you have broken bones and up laying up in a hospital but I have NO doubt that this is super comfortable! No doubt this will cause some jealousy and questions to be asked on the planes/trains etc. At the end of the day, isn’t it about comfort over style?

Turkish Cotton Towel – from $11.50

Forget expensive microfibre travel towels it has long since been discovered that the Turkish cotton towel is the way forward! They are highly absorbent, lightweight and quick dry. Extremely soft, they get softer the more you wash them. They also fold up tight and small.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter – $11.99

Removes bacteria & parasites, removes microplastics, long lifetime, small and lightweight… This makes a great gift for those who love to hike, get off the beaten track and pack light.

How to Swear Around the World – $11.99

If you are looking for a unique gift that will also entertain those who don’t live their life around travel but appreciate a cheap laugh and some language knowledge, this is a great entertaining option. Also quite productive

CLEVER BEES Outdoor Water Resistant Hiking Backpack – $12.99

I really love this hiking bag. Not only is it lightweight, affordable, small, comes in a variety of colours and is water resistant but it folds into a super small zip bag. It really is the perfect hiking bag for the travel-loving gift receiver.

Outdoor Water Resistant Hiking Backpack foldable and compact

Collapsible Straw Stainless Steel – $12.99

The perfect stocking stuffer for the environmentally concerned traveller or anybody who wants to pick up their effort in helping the environment.

Outdoor Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker,- $14.99

This is the perfect travel speaker! Great for a secret Santa gift as it will suit the outdoorsy person or just anyone who loves music. It is waterproof and sits happily in the shower. it will hang onto cycles and backpacks and more. Very versatile whilst being great in sound

Travel Themed Secret Santa under $15 -$25

Compression Socks – $15.95

This is a great practical idea and not just for flyers. perfect for Warmer Feet. Let’s face it – flights and buses can get cold! Less Leg Swelling. The pressure applied by compression socks improves the flow of a fluid known as lymph that can be found in the cells in your legs. Prevent Venous Blood from Pooling in the Legs. Prevent Blood Clots.

How to Shit Around the World – $16.55

Not only a funny title and will certain allow for the laughs when someone opens this present but its great for anyone who loves to travel as it is filled with different travel stories from all over the world and all different eras and types of travellers. It offers REAL travel inspired stories worth a laugh

PRO Packing Cubes Lightweight Travel – $19.99

This is by far one of the best gift ideas for the practical person. PRO packing cubes are one of the best most travel friendly packing cubes out. Lightweight, with built in compression. Help keep someone organised this holiday season.

SAUNORCH Universal International Travel Power Adapter – $19.99

The universal travel adapter is a no-brainer. It will never NOT come in handy. I can’t tell you how many times I have lost one or forgotten one and wish I had a stare. Get a good one – a all in one, all countries plus USB to make it worth your money.

Now this is a game changer! 2 in 1 hair styler that is small and compact. The amount of space this will fit save in your bag will leave more room for practical essentials. Give this to a good friend or someone you respect and they will really appreciate it. They will also be thinking of you every morning as they style their hair and head off into the world.

The ever-faithful travel pillow…. it is surely a go to whe we think of travel gifts, but let’s be honest – been there, done that! It is over done and no longer practical. Even the inflatable ones do not sit right and are not really as comfortable as expected. Personally, I find no practical use for these bomarand shaped, cheap space invaders in my backpack.

But the “Travelrest Ultimate inflatable travel pillow” now that has more of a spin on it. Don’t take my word for it – check the videos. Personally I find it very comfortable and something I couldn’t travel long distances without anymore.

Travel Power Strip – $19.99

Handy, practical and small. The amount of time that I waste in my hostel waiting for things to charge is no longer necessary. Offering people a place to charge their phone in hostels has often given me a great excuse to make friends as well. This small, compact and practical gift is one they will always appreciate.

A good travel charging bank

You can’t go wrong with a good charging bank. You want a lightweight one that charges fast. I personally do not think you will get your moneys worth under $15 so between $15 – $25 here are ones that are worth while

Many practical sides to a gift like this. Number One – Stop frustration from not being able to find the right cords. – nothing more needed! Organisation has never been a strength of mine this little gem was a lifesaver in so many of my ventures once it was gifted to me. (but someone super organised who didn’t understand how I could travel this way). haha, A small thing I thought I never needed until I had it.

THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVOURITE TRAVEL ITEMS! – I remember sitting my the canals in Venice and anyone who has been there, knows how stupidly expensive Venice is

Scratch world map

You will be spoilet for choice with the good old scratch world map. There are now so many amazing ones on the market. I personally love the two below. I was given the bottom one a few years back and I love the creativity and illustration, as well as the tips for each country.

When it comes to a good travel wallet, you are also spoilet for choice. The key is to get one which has enough compartments to keep you organised but isn’t too big and bulky. Sure, get a nice glamourous one if you rather. Perhaps go for an RIF protected one. Below are a few good ones.

The travel journal is another general go-to. My only advice here is to make sure it is small, funky with personality and comes attached with a pen! below are some of my favourites

Zision ZS-BE14 Flexible Bluetooth Headphones – $19.99

Perfect for in hostels, zoning out on transport and just in general relaxing! but more-so, perfect for secret santa as you just can’t have enough headphones when you travel. The worst is running out or lossing them and not having a backup

Travel Themed Secret Santa over $25 –

Forget it! That is way too much money for a secret Santa with work colleagues-  buy them a cheap “imported” bottle of wine which has “traveled” and put that money towards your personal travel fund!

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