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Unique Hostels

Hostels broke the mould with cheap, friendly, down to earth accommodation. Perfect for solo travel or even group and couple travel. Hostels are no longer the dodgy looking budget stays they once were. Now they have pool tables, swimming pools, roof tops and more. Hostels are no longer situated in dodgy apartment buildings that feel like they may break if you close the door too hard. They are in castles and yurts and boats and more. The best thing is that they are still budget friendly compared to most hotels.

Unique Hostels in Europe

Europe, the melting pot of culture, history and creativity. Surely there are many hostels built into castles and beds that have been slept in my famous poets, painters and writers. Europe is the perfect place to search for hotels as it is not quite as cheap as Asia and is a tourism go to for solo travellers. On top of that, you are bound to meet people from all over the world and plenty from Europe, meaning you can make friends with locals of your next destination. If you have questions about Europe you can also head over to our forums and find out everything you need to know about Europe.

Med-evil Castle in England

YHA St Briavels Castle

Sleep in a castle! Where better to sleep in a castle then the image of med-evil times itself – England! The castle is over 800 years old, with bags of character and remarkably well-preserved features throughout.

Photo from www.yha.org.uk/

The castle is a Grade I listed ancient monument, a rich piece of history and an inspiring location. Be transported back in time to Medieval world of King John and the Magna Carta within this Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


Gypsy Caravans, Irish Farmhouses and mountains in Ireland

ShipLake Mountain Hostel

Stay ing an Irish Farmhouse or a barrel-top Gypsy Caravan! This fantastic and social hostel won’t break your bank with opens of camping and staying in the option filled unique hostel options. Prices start from $10 for camping and $16 for dorms or $20 for the gypsy caravans and upwards. With amazing locations, nestled in a superb setting on the foothills of the Sheehy Mountains. Just 30km from the south-west coast, this hostel is a true paradise for walkers, cyclists, and other lovers of the great outdoors.



Photo by booking.com

Gyreum Eco Lodge will provide a very unique hostel experience.

Stay inside a mountain! The Gyreum Eco Lodge is disguised into a mountain. A very cool space. The design is all circular and has the feel of staying inside a mountain. This giant yurt shaped timber framed building has some amazing views

photo credit https://www.uniqhotels.com/gyreum

River boats in Germany

Eastern Comfort hostel boat in Berlin

Stay on a boat! Staying on a boat is cool enough but with that boat being one of the best locations in Berlin! Sure, it may seem a little cold in the winter but It’s worth it! You are staying on the river Spree in the heart of Berlin. Sitting amid the vibrant Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg districts, just 10 m from the remains of the Berlin Wall. You have to go through the creatively decorated Berlin wall to get to your hostel. There is also a bar onboard for you to socialise and make friends to go out and party in this crazy, awesome city.

Hostelboat on the river Spree, Berlin - Eastern & Western Comfort Hostelboat

photo by booking.com

Bank in Slovenia

Hostel Tresor

Sleep in a bank! Situated in the centre of Ljubljana this historical building from the beginning of the 20th Century has been changed from a serious banking hub to a fun, experience filled hostel. Drop the suits for the casual clothes and backpacks in this former bank.

photo by booking.com

Pop art museum in Serbia

Pop Art Hostel, Belgrade, Serbia

Sleep in a pop art hostel! Retro! Modern! Unique! This quirky and cool hostel based in Serbia is really cool. It is a hostel and a pop art museum. The artworks are done by local artist. Some of these paintings are from Jimi Hendrix and Jessica Lang. Each bedroom is dedicated to a different large figure of pop culture.

pop-art-hostel, unique hostels

Prison in Switzerland

Barabas Jail house

Sleep in a prison! I wonder how many money launderers and theives have sleep in the same cells as you would be. This 19th century Jail still remains true to form with several touches still intact. Not only can you sleep in a prison, but you can also party in one. Strichpunky shares the same space within the buildings and opens on weekends as a nightclub.

Biscuit factory in Iceland

Kex Hostel, Reykjavik, Iceland

Once an old biscuit factory in downtown Reykjavik, it now serves as a full-time hostel, hence where the word “Kex” comes from (it means biscuit in Icelandic). All of the furniture inside is reused materials that have been found around from various places, giving the hostel a unique feeling. Kex can house 142 guests and has a cafe, bar, lounge, heated patio, laundry, old school gym, kitchens, and more.

Crash out in an Airplane in Sweden

Jumbo Stay

Stay on a jumbo jet! This is the perfect place to stayif you have an early or late flight from the airport. Set in a former Boeing 747 jumbo jet, right next to Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport. It offers free airport bus transfer, free WiFi and breakfast from 03:00.

Sleep in a plane-Sweden-unique hostels

What better way to finish or start your journey to Sweden then by sleeping in an airplane.

Sleep in a plane-Sweden-unique hostels

Caves and Tree houses in Turkey

A trip to Cappadocia wouldn’t be complete without a cave hostel

Sleep in a cave! There are several places in Goreme that have budget hostels in a cave. However, this doesn’t make the experience less amazing. It just means you have options. Do you want views over Goreme on a terrace? Perhaps cool off in the heat with a swimming pool? Either way, you’ll be sleeping in a cave and will get that awesome experience!

Winery in Greece

Caveland, Winery and hostel in Greece

This fantastic hostel was once a winery in the late 18th century. In 1984 it was transformed into a hostel. Caveland offers dorms, privates, each with their own unique story. Hand-made futniture and typical traditional Santorinian architecture designs. The large swimming pool (second largest in the Island),  (professional sized) tennis court and yoga classes are sure to give you the best stay, and a dis-belief that this is a hostel.

Unique Hostels throughout the USA

Light house in California

HI-Point Montara Lighthouse Hostel 

Sleep in a lighthouse! This historic 1875 lighthouse is actually a hostel. Point Montara Lighthouse is the perfect space to take in the scenery at your very own secluded beach cove.  Prices start from $40 a night for a single bed in a dorm. With great views, wifi, big clean kitchens and everything you need to enjoy your stay. This lighthouse has great common spaces to meet other travellers. Enjoy a bonfire with ocean views, this magical moment is sure to create bonds and friendships. Use the BBQ facilities to enjoy a meal with your new found friends, followed by taking a stroll to your own private beach. You will need a car to get to this lighthouse. But the amazing views along the coast, the fantastic staff and the fact that you can claim having slept in a lighthouse, all make this place a wonderful hidden gem!

Unique Hostels in Australia

Railway carriage in Sydney

YHA Sydney Railway Square YHA

Sleep in a train carriage! I mean, sure you can do that on a sleeper train, but it’s not exactly a cool hostel with fun people, rooftop views, indoor and outdoor communal areas and a kitchen now is it. Train Carriages start at $25 a night in a dorm.

Desert Cave in Coober Pedy

Radeka Downunder Underground Motel

Coober Pedy, famous for its underground opal mining. What better place to stay then in the famous underground accommodation. This hostel has both private and dorm rooms and is wonderfully located. It will be perhaps one of the coolest looking rooms you ever stay in for such a budget.

Radeka, Unusal hostels, coober pedy

Be a convict and sleep in a Prison in Perth

Fremantle Prison YHA

Experience a historical and unique stay at the Fremantle Prison YHA. Built in the 1850’s. you can sleep in actual prison cells. You can also sleep in colonial cottages – Lovingly restored historic cottages, located on top of the hill with historic Fremantle City at your doorstep.

Prison cells of the hostel in Perth

Unique Hostels in Asia?

Book shops in Japan

Book and Bed Tokyo Japan

Sleep in a book shop! With 6 locations around Japan and a great reputation. This hostel has turned regular hostel into a book shop. With plenty of books or comic books to read yourself to sleep.  This hostel is a readers haven! Books are not sold here, but you can read as much as you wish. This isn’t a social hostel as the beds are their own little cabins with light and curtain and with so many books around, will you even want to talk to anyone? Although, if you are a book worm, this is the best place in Japan to find other book worms. Rooms start from $34 for compact and $41 for a standard and $61 for a double.

book-and-bed hostel in Japan

photo by booking.com

River Treehouse in Kampot

There are two main options in Kampot, sleep in Kampot town or by Kampot river. CHOOSE THE RIVER! Choose a treehouse by the river. Not only will you have a cool view of the river that you can float down all day long but you are sleeping in a treehouse!!!

I personally have tried and can vouch for Naga House. But Samon’s village looks good as well. Be sure to take the river cruise at twilight. It’s very peaceful.

River Treehouse in Kampot, unique hostels, treehouse hostel

An old school in Krabi town, Thailand

Pak-up Hostel, Krabi Town, Thailand

The hostel was once a school and is now converted to being a hostel.  From school desks and chalk boards to bars and live music. The hostel aims to be the most chilled out space in Thailand.

pak-up-hostel, thailand, unqiue hostels

photo by booking.com

Unique Hostels in South America

Drug cartels in Colombia

Drop bear hostel

Sleep in a cartel hideout! The Drop Bear Hostel is a rustic Colombian mansion. Once Colombian cartel hideout turned backpackers hostel. This hostel is only 5 minutes away from Santa Marta city centre, making it close but also a great escape from the heat and noise. What cartel hide-out would be complete without a swimming pool and a few hammocks.

birds eye view of hostel pool at drop bear hostel

photo by boking.com

The crazy history of this hostel is fascinating. If walls could talk! There are over a dozen secret hiding-places for money, escape tunnels, a secret basement and cryptic codes on some tiles. Prices start from $7 a night!!!

Unique Hostels in Central America

Treehouse in Nicaragua

The Treehouse, Nicaragua


I find it very hard to not book a flight to Nicaragua, simply based on this unique and cool hostel. sitting 200m high on the side of Mombacho Volcano sits our the coolest tree house I have ever seen. Watch the sunset over the jungle, listen to howler monkeys as you cross the 60 metre canopy bridge to your bed. There are several tree houses popping out of the jungle terrain, a main and restaurant area, canopy bridge that connects the maind area to a hammock deck and a loft bed, jungle pathways that lead you to a dormitory/private bedroom building and jungle style showers and toilets with potentially the best view in Central America. I just don’t know if there is anything more enticing in the hostel world!

Castles in Panama

Bambuda Castle

Sleep in the ONLY castle in South America! Nestled in Panamas coffee country. You would be forgiven for never believing this amazing building is a hostel for backpackers! But it is…. well, it was once a castle. Now it’s a hostel with swimming pool, bar, hot tub and rooms as low as $15 a night.

Who needs a rooftop in Bangkok when you have a terrace overlooking the Volcan Baru, the highest mountain in Panama.

Unique hostels in the Middle East

200-year old Arab Mansion is Israel

Fauzi Azar Inn, Nazareth, Israel

Sitting in the prime location of the middle of Nazareth. It’s old-world vibes will put you back in time and help you to understand the true beauty of Israel. You won’t be able to believe that this 200-year-old Arab mansion is really a hostel

Fauzi Azar, Nazareth, Unique Hostel

photo by booking.com

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