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May 3, 2017
The Situation
May 8, 2017
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Update on the community


Hi All,

Well am I excited!!!

We are literally on the home stretch! The forum is complete. Mailing list Subscribers will be getting the first VIP exclusive preview along with a free yearly membership! An email will come around soon in regards to this. You can subscribe here.

What is left, is your feedback! What other forums would you like to see. What kind of questions will you want to ask?

There is a short and silent video below. This will show you the forums that are currently loaded. (not accessible yet).

Please leave any comments, feedback, suggestions in the comments. After all, this is your forum. (Ps: we are on youtube now).

Essentially the way the forum will work. There will be;

  • An introduction forum. Leave your name, details about yourself, your travel style, country... whatever you wish. This is your zone to introduce yourself to the community.
  • There will be a forum for your first solo travel. Vent your fears, ask your questions, tell your story about your first solo travel experience. This is a social forum.
  • Mode of transport is separated into different modes, from flights to cycling.
  • Specific country questions. This is sorted into regions and finally broken down into countries. Ask anything specific to that country. If you are traveling all over the region. Use the "general *region* forum. If it is a world trip, use the Round The World forum.
  • Other forums are very self-explanatory.
  • Bloggers Forum- We have a community of talented writers and bloggers with interesting stories. The first topic will be for you to list and promote your blog and social media links. The rest of the forum will be for asking questions to do with blogging, sharing wins etc.  Asking for feedback on a blog post should only be done on the ask for feedback topic, to keep things organised. (This includes Vlogging). NO promotion on this post. Do that in your own profile but keep it limited, in order to make friends and use this network correctly. Please do not post every post you publish, only relevant ones.
  • All forums except the following can be seen by the public, but your profile cannot. They cannot answer questions or write anything. Participation is strictly for members. Now, if the general feedback is that you want the forums private, I am happy to make this happen as well. The following will be strictly private.
    • Sexual assault
    • Sexy time
    • Let's talk boys
  • You can also have the option to post a question anonymously
  • How to improve She Roams Solo - This forum is for you to tell me anything that can be improved on the website. It's your community and I want to make it the best it can be for you. If you are seeing the website strangely on your mobile or desktop. If you want added forums, specific functions, talk to me here (or email) I will reply personally to every topic and suggestion.

Rules of the forum

  • I don't have many rules, this is your zone. However please do skim through the She Roams Solo code. This forum is for nice people and we will not tolerate the mean, nasty or extremely negative behavior. There will be a page for reporting members and I will personally access all situations with common sense.
  • Please be respectful, people are putting their hearts on their sleeves
  • Please do contribute and reply, this is the best way to help and make friends.

What else is new?

If you have not already seen it, we also have our login form sorted. (everything in the branding of course, because I'm a branding nazi!)


Search function??

Upon creating this site, one of my top desires was a place that women could meet like-minded women, virtually or in real life. Now there are plenty of places all over the internet for women to be able to do that so I wanted to make this place special. I wanted to allow people the ability to search for certain personality types, travel styles and destinations.


The profile questions when you join will be key to that and there will be a sidebar for search to connect with members with the ability to add "friends"


The key component is the "travel style" I asked over 100 women in three words, what is your travel style?

I have now grabbed the best or most popular of these are incorporated them into your profile fields. When you create your profile you will be asked what your travel style is, you can select as many as you feel appeals to you. When people are searching for someone to travel with or talk to, they can search for you via your style. You can meet ladies who love history, who love to party, who love to eat, hike, read or dance... the list will be endless.

When someone has just added you as a friend, they can have a read of your profile and get a better picture of you. This is why it's so important to fill out your profile as best as possible.


The final piece of news

cash-backNow I don't want to give anything away just yet.... In ensuring this community is the best it possibly can be, we need members - For this reason, I have added a referral program. For every friend, blog reader, a family member that joins She Roams Solo through your recommendation you will receive $5. Now whilst, this isn't $50 a person... it adds up, just from you inviting friends and people you think may benefit.

It will be very easy to sign up, all you need is to be a member yourself and to have a PayPal account. You will be given a unique URL and the rest is history. More on this to come, in the meantime, if you have any questions, drop me an email 🙂

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