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March 22, 2017
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Finding Serenity in a Hidden Gem of Japan
April 3, 2017
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Update on the community

Wipes sweat off brow!

Hello, hello ladies,

Firstly, a huge thank you to all the guest posts we have had so far. The blog will only work with talented writers and interesting stories. So feel free to shoot through a guest post or invite people who you know have cool stories. Enquires can be made here.

I promise we have some amazing stories lined up!

I wanted to write a few brief lines about where the community is up to, what is planned and when it will hopefully be ready. I have spent many hours on coding, designing and planning and I feel like it is very close. Normally these updates will come in the form of your "every now and again" email. If you are not on our email list you can subscribe here.

Behind the scenes...


So the forums are not ready just yet, it is coming along but there is a lot of work still to be done. Below is a little snippet, a small sneak peak of what is to come.

If the gif doesn't work click here for the short video


There is still a lot of work to be done on this section so I won't give you a behind the scenes. Sorry...

Perhaps in the next email. Okay, okay, you get an image but thats it.

She roams solo community

Your profile will act as your space, much the same as facebook you can update your status, add photos, links, videos etc. Let people know whats on your mind, where in the world you are etc Connect with people, make friends. Control your privacy and control what is seen on the main news feed.

Status: "I just arrived in Bangkok! How exciting"
This is shown on the main feed
Person who sees it "No way! I'm in Bangkok alone, want to hang out?"



Anyone who may have read the blog post on our logo, knows that design is very important to me. So I spent a small amount of time customising and creating a custom 404 page. Hopefully no one has a chance to see this because there will be no broken links, but lets be honest, things happen.

Cover pages

Our Facebook page is a friendly messaging system. We use it to promote other bloggers, ask the fans questions, promote our blog posts. I take great pride in the cover page always sticking to brand. However, whilst it will generally be the same, we have been having lots of fun behind the scenes creating several different cover pages to celebrate different days and happening of the year. We also now have a Pinterest board for this. (It's growing).



You may have noticed there is a beautiful new top bar. This is a sign that we are close.


I have added the resources page. This page will contain new and cool websites, books, podcasts, videos and more that will help inspire your travel journey. A lot of these resources are made by travellers. I spend more time on the internet and on travel blogs then anyone I know, so I find a lot of good sites, like the newest one I found 'sportshosts" or the booking sites I use like agoda etc. When I am on the internet, it is normally whilst listening to youtube videos or podcasts etc so as I came across these resources, I will add them. At the same time, I invite anyone else to also get in touch with resources.

resources for female travel

The resources page is in the form of an accordian menu so I can keep it neat and organised as more links are added. There is no spot on this for personal blogs, but rest assure there will be a specific forum for all blogs to be listed.

Values, Vision and Mission

This isn't new. I have had this one the website since day one. I simply moved it to the top menu. However, it is a big step in this community. It keeps me going, keeps the drive alive. I also like to share it with the readers/user because I like to keep you all in the loop

Chat room

This is also not new, it is only online as a test. Eventually this will be a membership feature, it will have different chat rooms and allow an unlimited amount of members in the chat room so you can all just simply chat.


This is an ever growing page, new questions will be added as I continue to make the community.

She Roams Solo Code

This page will become more and more important as the community grows. It is a guideline base rather then strict rules, a way to keep the community under control as it grows and keep people respectable.


The low down

The blog is so very important for this community. It is the place for women to tell their stories and for readers to be inspired and entertained. The idea behind the blog is to have raw and real stories. To have variety and honesty. To achieve variety we only host guest posts. The only time I will blog or write is when it is an update for the community. My own stories are told on my blog

The "Ladies of the board"  will bring you each different type of blog post. Currently, we have:

Safety Sally


Funny Faye


Luxury Linda


What we have next is determined by your blog post. challenge me 😛

That is all the updates I have for now. My plan was to get the community launched by 1st March. However, now we are aiming at mid march.

Please do keep in touch, I will keep you all up to date with updates and as always, get in touch with any suggestions and stories you may have.

Share us on social media, tag #sheroamsolo in your Instagram and let your friends know about us.

Much love,


(Founder of She Roams Solo)

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