She Roams Solo started off as an idea, like many I have – But it has grown into so much more. I want to be as transparent to the community as possible. This community is about YOU! So here are my values, vision and mission statements for She Roams Solo.

The She Roams Solo Values

  • To provide inspiring, entertaining, content crafted by creative, brave, curious, experiende and travel hungry feamles, sharing their expereinces, desires, strengths and weaknesses
  • To promote, assist the talents of our communities
  • To connect travelers, women and likeminded people all over the world
  • To encourage safe and life changing, confidence boosting solo travel
  • To ensure safety, learning and having a good time is the important of your travels
  • To promote as much eco-safe traveling and tourist friendly traveling as possible
  • Create a team of remote workers who have as much passion for She Roams Solo as I do

The She Roams Solo Vision


Launch blog, start promoting inspiring stories:

Monday – Stories from Travelers
Wednesday – Interviews
Friday – Group questions


Community launches

  • Custom profile pages
  • Forums up and running with more to come
  • Chat rooms


Build the community following

  • For one month, free yearly memberships will be on offer
  • Add more forums
  • Develop the search feature
  • Start taking interests in meet-ups


Start creating jobs

The goal will be to hire like-minded traveling women (solo or not) who can work remotely. Traveling will be an essential part of the job.

  • VA’s
  • Writers
  • Social Media
  • Development
  • Design
  • Get paid to put on events and more!


Offering more!

I want to offer more, something to make it worth the money to join. I will be working to create The She Roams Solo Rewards card. By being a large enough community we can start to work with big travel partners to offer more for being a member. More will be mentioned on this via the blog.

  • Rewards/discounts
  • Product giveaways
  • Competitions


She Roams Solo Charity!

No I will not ask for money!

The charity will be a quarterly system where we as a community manage to give one girl (each quarter) the trip of a lifetime. This one lucky girl will be nominated from out community. It will be someone that you know has a strong desire to travel or see a country in particular but for reasons beyound her control, cannot. There will be more mentioned on this via the blog and newsletter.

This has been a dream for me since starting the idea of She Roams Solo and I promise you when it happens, I will be live to everyone with tears of joy. More on this to come



The Magazine!

This will be more online/digital and printed on a subscription basis. We will only hire the best writers who have contributed to the community and the blog. We will pay well! It will be a monthly magazine with premium stories and photography and travel.




Looking for more inspiration! We will not stop there! Podcasts! Let’s get a voice into this group! Interview the people that you request, those that inspire you!




An annual conference once a year. I like to think of it as simply a large meet up. If you are not able to join in the country we hold it, there will be mini meet ups to watch everything live organised by a (paid) event organiser on our team in your country.

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