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Where to go in Montenegro

Saphire edged beaches to match croatia, rugged peaks to dazzle the alps towns as old as greece, Let this must-visit Mediterranean destination is so overlooked. There is no doubt that Montenegro is one of Europes most amazing, yet missed destinations. This small, but outstanding part of the Balkans is sadly overlooked by tourist year after year. Yet, it has been voted the best destination year after year. Before the cruise ships, tour buses and flocks of tourist hit Montenegro, here is a list of where to go in Montenegro. What to see and what to do in Montenegro. We have covered every inch of Montenegro we possibly could to bring you the breakdown of what you just simply can’t miss when travelling Europes tiny, unmissable beauty –  Montenegro.

Kotor and Bay of Kotor

Kotor will leave you with a lasting impression of you. This medevil fortified town is situated in a bay on Montenegro’s Adriatic coast, surrounded by the limestone cliffs of Mt. Lovćen. 

The winding streets and medieval squares filled with historical monuments will take you back in time as you walk through the best-preserved medieval walled town in the Mediterranean. It’s hard to look past the charm of this over-worldly destination.

Lovćen National Park

An easy day trip from Kotor, Lovcen is a great way to get out into nature and take a trip to the mountains. The route to Lovcen is through the serpentine road, which is a very scenic drive, offering stunning views of the Bay of Kotor. 

Discover the house of mausoleum via a long 461 steps, but catch your breath with the 360-degree view of the mountains. Drive through the village of Njegusi, known for prosciutto and smoked cheese and of course local rakija and brandy.

If you’re feeling adventurous there is a zip line crossing between canyons, or perhaps just stick to hiking or cycling around the national park.


Perhaps you have taken in enough of Kotor, you have seen the Lovcen national park and now you are ready to head further into this beautiful country. I would suggest heading towards Budva. But first, why not stop off at Cetinje. Cetinje is the old royal capital and is a small town but hilled with history. There is an old-world charm that comes from Cetinje. This is a great place to soak in some culture and history at the national museum, King Nikola’s court, The president’s Residence, the Cetinje Monastery and more.

Lake Skadar

On the border of Albania is a beautiful off-the-beaten-track hike to Lake Skadar. Around this hike, you will first many smaller villages offering a real taste of local Balkans life. Not only will you get a real local experience but the views of the Adriatic sea and Lake Skadar are second to none.

Lake Skadar

Ostrog monastery

Ostrog Monastery is a famous pilgrim place. Carved in a vertical mountain cliff it is a miracle within itself that attracts thousands of pilgrims from all over the world.

Ostrog monastery

Budva Riviera 

About 35-minute drive from Kotor is the Budva Riviera. Get ready to simply enjoy yourself along this 35 kilometres of Adriatic coast that is a gem for nightclubs, restaurants, bars, shops and beach tourism. In the town of Budva, this is known as the Montenegrin Miami due to its vibrant tourism lifestyle. 

Budva Riviera 

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

Sveti Stefan is an extraordinary place to visit. A fortified island village overlooking Pink sand beaches with turqupise waters. Sadly the island is now a part of a luxury resort which means visiting will cost you a lot of money. However, I do suggest on your way around Montenegro to stop by and get some snaps at the most photographed site in all of Montenegro.

Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

The Old Town of Bar

Stari Bar (the old town) is not to be missed. Walking around town, it feels like you have been pushed back in time. The Bar fortress is impressive, but no where near the oldest olive tree in the world impressive!  Stari Bar can be done as a day trip, maybe even half a day just wondering around, looking out at the Adriatic coast and eating tasty food.


There is an old castle overlooking the sea. The beauty of Ulcinj is the ease to explore the beautiful beaches. Velika Plaza is the longest sandy beach. There is also the Ada Bojana, a 14km long beach.

Ulcinj in montenegro

The north of Montenegro is beautiful and shouldn’t be overlooked. This mountainous region is in the Dinaric Alps and in known for its untouched nature. 

Durmitor national park

Situated in the north Montenegrin Mountains, this adventure-filled beautiful national park is one that shouldn’t be missed. There are 25 mountain-hiking trails in this national park. You can go white water rafting in the Tara Goerge which is the deepest gorge in Europe and the most stunning one at that. 

You can go canyoning in the national park. Rock climbing, ziplining, cycling and paragliding. Not to mention the drive into the national park is breath-taking.

Don’t forget to check out the stunning Black lake, an inspiration to many with its crystal blue waters.The Đurđevića Tara Bridge is one og the most beautiful bridges in the world. Spanning 116 meters. The Durmitor national park has 18 glacial lakes and so much more. 

I would recommend staying inside the park at one of the mountain lodges or camping inside the park to make the most of it.

Durmitor national park


Is the largest town on mountain Durmitor. It’s a small town. The real reason people come to this small town is for it’s skiing. 120 days per year this is the best place to ski. The best slopes are Savin Kuk, Štuoc and Javorovača

What to do  – Durmitor ring

Whilst you are enjoying the beautiful parts of the Durmitor national park, we recommend doing the Durmitor ring. This is an 85km round trip driving through the mountains, taking in the beautiful nature and landscapes. Visit villages, lookouts, mountain passes, river canyons, lakes and more.

Biogradska Gora National Park

Perhaps not as famous as the other, larger national parks. The Biogradska Gora National Park shouldn’t e over looked. The untouched national park has trees over 500 years old. If flora and fauna make you happy and getting rural give you thrills, this is certainly a part of Montenegro you shouldn’t be missing.

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where to go in Montenegro

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