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Best places to visit in India

Best places to visit in India

India is such an amazing country! It is one that many women are afraid to visit alone. Sure it's got a bad rap... but it is an incredible country, it is huge, wonderful, diverse, eye opening and filled with some of the most friendly people you will ever meet! And this article will show you the best places to visit in India and have you packing your yoga pants and preparing for spicy wonderous foods and culture.

Could you imagine missing the awe inspiring Taj Mahal, the crazy capital of India; Delhi, the tasty street food, the golden temple, the thar desert or agra fort and other tourist attractions… but how about the not-so tourist place in India.

India being such a large country, it has many hidden gems and wonders you may not know about. I asked the She Roams Solo community and other top travelers to fill us with stories of their favourite destinations in India to travel. What comes next, is one killer Indian bucket list.  

Enjoy! If you have other suggestions for the best places to visit in India, please do leave a comment or the contact form with your favorite….Namaste

Jacky from says the Best place to Visit in India is Pune

If I had to pick one city in India as my favourite, it would have to be Pune. Admittedly, my opinion is somewhat biased due to the fact that it's my boyfriend's hometown and my in-laws still live there. However, it's certainly refreshing to explore a city which is not as well known as Agra, Jodhpur or Delhi.

Pune is the second largest city in the state of Maharashtra, after Mumbai of course, and is considered to be the cultural capital of the state. It has also been dubbed the "Oxford of the East" as it is an important center of tertiary education in India. Unfortunately, there is only a handful of well-preserved sights worth exploring for first-time visitors. My top pick would be the university, built in an Italian-Gothic style, and the university grounds.


Those looking for spiritual advancement may consider a visit to the famous Osho Mediatation Resort.

What I enjoyed the most, though, was exploring the streets and interacting with the locals. Make sure to do a little shopping on M.G. Road or dive into a complete shopping frenzy on Laxmi Road in the Old Town. If you are looking to grab a bite, the neighbourhood of Koregaon Park is your foodie heaven. If you have the time, I'd recommend you rent a car (perhaps including a driver) and head out of the city to one of the hill-stations surrounding it. This was one of the best experiences of all the places to visit in India.


I was here during monsoon season (which certainly had its drawbacks), but the shades of green which grazed the countryside at the time were absolutely breathtaking. There are several "ghats" for you to explore, but keep a look out for Shivtarghal Varanda ghat. It spots numerous waterfalls and is home to friendly road-side monkeys who will eagerly pose for a picture in return for a piece of banana 🙂


Shaurya from is a writer and researcher for Asian tours and Holidays and she picks Kerala as the best place in India to visit

As grandiose slogans go, Kerala has one of the best: "God's Own Country," an assertion of divine origin that's advertised on countless signposts and bumper stickers across the state. In most corners of the planet, such a boast would sound unbearably tourist-oriented branding at its tritest. But when you come to India, You will realize it is more sincere than smug.

From the stunning beaches in Trivandrum to the splendid backwater canals in Alleppey( earning Kerala the name "Vienna of the east" ) to the majestic rolling hillside tea plantations in Munnar, Kerala's landscapes are almost as diverse as its people.
And it is not just the landscapes. There are plenty of forts, temples, palaces, museums and Zoos in Kerala to keep you entertained. I was born here and have been exploring the state for so many years however it never ceases to amaze me.

Carissa and Kevin from swear by Hampi as their favourite place to visit in India

Out of all of places to visit in India Hampi was the best. I spent 3 months in India volunteering at a school in Bangalore. While I loved the big city, my favorite place in India is a little town I took a weekend trip to: Hampi

Hampi is a small village on the edge of a river with a large temple in the center of it. That’s not what makes it a must see place in India though, that would be the ruins that are scattered all over the area. Many temples in various states of ruin that you can explore are within walking distance of Hampi. It feels like you took a step back in time, as there are no crowds, no barriers, and no guards. Exploring the culture, feeling the age and strangeness of the place, it’s not a feeling you can find in the US.

If ruins aren’t quite your thing though, there is plenty else that Hampi has to offer! Restaurants, beautiful temples at the top of a mountain (that you have to climb, so be prepared) walking paths along the river that lead to caves, scenic views, and one spot where you can cross it on what looks like large woven bowls. They’re safe, but considering the river does have crocodiles it is still a bit thrilling crossing in them!

If you’re looking for authentic Indian culture and history, Hampi is the place to go.


Noraly from says Zanskar Valley is the best place to visit in India

Do you want to experience a part of India where only very few of us venture - go and explore Zanskar valley! Because of snowfall in the high passes, this valley gets completely cut off from the outside world for up to 6 months each year. The only way to reach the valley in winter time is to hike 10 days over the frozen Zanskar river.=

As a result, the people that live in this part of the world live isolated lives, have an extremely rich culture and don’t receive a lot of visitors. At this moment, the only way to get into the valley during summer time is by traveling 250 kilometers over a rough, rocky, unpaved road… ouch!

The gateway to this slice of paradise, with naked mountains, snaking glaciers, wild rivers and incredible wildlife - is the town of Kargil. A new road is being built that will connect to the south part of the valley - but as most things in India, it will take some time to be completed.

Until then, your best option is to hop on a shared jeep in Kargil and to travel that unforgiving road into the valley. There is a bus service too, but prepare yourself for a very, very bumpy ride.

best-places-to-visit-in-indiaThe ‘capital’ of Zanskar is a small village called Padum. From here it’s another 40 kilometers over an extremely narrow road to a tiny place called Cha. Hugging the mountains on one side and with steep drops on the other - it’s a thrilling ride to get here. There are a few homestays in Cha, where you can spend the night with a local family and get your hiking boots out.

Because from Cha, you shouldn’t miss the two-hour hike to Phuktal Monastery. Perched on a cliff and spilling out of a cave, this is one of the most impressive Buddhist monasteries in India. With an emerald blue Zanskar River flowing below and star-filled skies above - the setting is mesmerizing. Meditating here, or simply admiring the stunning scenery is an experience of a lifetime!

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