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      Hi all,

      My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and he has just recently started a full time job. I am still a student so my savings are based on part time jobs throughout the year.

      I want to use my savings on traveling the world but my boyfriend wants us to start saving for the deposit of a potential home loan…

      I know that the house will be worth it in the long run but I worked out that it’s going to take us 5 years to save for this deposit. That means I’ll have to sacrifice 5 years of travel opportunities. We’ll probably be married and have kids around that time.

      What to do?? I’m thinking of travelling on my own but I feel so selfish. I know for a fact that once we have to pay a mortgage we won’t be able to afford to travel as south africans don’t earn a lot compared to the cost of living…

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      She Roams Solo
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      Hi Kirsten,

      This has to be your decision at the end of the day but I feel like it is okay to be selfish. He should understand. You don’t want a future filled with regrets. This sounds like a classic case of “not on the same page” There is nothing wrong with not being on the same page and one day you may be on the same page. Tell him your thoughts, plans, goals and desires. Being in a non-selfish relationship will mean he understands that.

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      I understand why you may want to be ‘selfish’ at this point, you want to experience what’s out there. There could be a compromise – is there no interest in your boyfriend to travel?

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